5 Best Food places In Mumbai!

Heya foodies! Let’s get to our favourite topic today, food! The one topic that melts all our hearts in second, the one attraction that’s termed to be the secret but not such a secret to anyone’s heart and also properties…. shhh! Oh well, we all know which pornography is the most trending in today’s world, Ofcourse, it’s food porn! So let’s get acquainted to some special talks about this porn in detail.

Well, as a Mumbaikar and a die heart foodie, I am always on a troll to explore the best food dishes I can get in the city and later on the way in which I can share it with my foodie buddies. So, after an exploration of five plus years, and trying food dishes and cuisines at almost hundreds of restaurants and stalls, I have got it listed as Saba’s favourite food flips below and where can you find them at Mumbai.

Mawa jalebi

Dessert person are you? Ahh, same pinch! I just can’t leave without desserts and in order to get my favorite jalebi at its best form, I tried varieties of them but not all of them were as impressive as the succulent, rich, yummiest mawa jalebi at JJ, JJ junction at South Mumbai. The rich, soft texture of it, the immense sweetness and the delicious taste is what will keep you licking your finger tips after gobbling it greedily.

Seekh paratha

That’s a non vegetarians dream come true and a seekh lovers heaven! The soft and spicy seekhs and hot just out from the grill and the huge fried parathas at nawabs seekh paratha from Bandra is what gripped with its rich taste and savoury feeling till date. Already famous for their decades of expertise in seekh making and serving it in traditional way, you just can’t beat these seekhs and parathas in any ways.

Chocolate pani puri

Pani puri is our typical favourite chat and of course everything associated with it is our hot favourite too! Well, imagine twisting it with chocolate and dipping it in rabdi and devouring it! Yes, that’s what I found and loved at Angrezi dhaba restaurants across Mumbai. The ecstatic taste and this unique twist is heavenly, believe me!


When it comes to South Indian food, it’s my all time favourite and I can travel to south and way back to Mumbai to taste it. So, after trying out special and local dosas for years, I finally found the best one at Gughan supreme South Indian restaurant, Marine drive, Mumbai. The original crispy yet soft and delectable dosas with the perfectly traditional chutneys and sambhars is just relishingly rocking.

Hyderabadi cuisine

Ohh, I haven’t travelled to Hyderabad yet but have tasted some of their best dishes in Mumbai and the one that truly impressed me was Char Minar at Grand road. That’s the place that brings out the traditional Hyderabadi cuisine to your table presented and prepared so perfectly, you’d love to have them all. From their Pathar chicken, a twisted spicy chicken especially cooked on Pathar, to their biryanies that bring the spicy treat of aromas to you along with an engulfing taste that you could savour for hours and enjoy. And when here, don’t forget to try their exclusive Hyderabadi Haleem that could remind you the taste these locals really are so proud of.

So, for now try and enjoy these delicacies the next time you’re in Mumbai. Trust the advice of a food critic and connoisseur, these are one of their best types available in the city! For the next post, stay tuned for some more relishing explorations…. until then keep enjoying, #BharatKazaika with us!

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  1. Wowww the pictures are amazing they seemed too real and caused me cravings for them


  2. Hackytips says:

    Never been to Mumbai. I so much want to try Mumbai street food. Many people have influenced me with their description 😀 Whenever I visit Mumbai I do check your post to try some of these restaurants 🙂


  3. aditi says:

    Bookmarking your post! Next time when I visit Mumbai, this is going to be handy;)
    Thanks for sharing 😋


  4. mjothi says:

    Wow, super post. I can’t wait to try the chocolate Pani Puri…


  5. Archana says:

    Gr8 research done by you👏👏Will surely try all of them on my next visit to Mumbai!!!


  6. Will plan to visit a few, next time I am in mumbai


  7. I have not tried any of these before. I’m so excited for my next trip to Mumbai when I will try all these out!


  8. anecdotesofmylife says:

    Next time I am in Mumbai I am going to look these up for sure.Thanks for sharing.#BharatKaZaika #BlogBoosterIndia. @habhitwellness


    1. Sudip Saha says:

      Visited Mumbai in 2017. Tried the chocolate Paani Puri. Loved them.


  9. Aurora M says:

    Chocolate Pani puri n jalebi comes out to my favourite from your list.


  10. Sweta says:

    My mouth started watering the moment I saw your post . Chocolate panipuri seems something really interesting. Lovely!


  11. Omg, chocolate pani puri.. never heard about this. In my city lucknow, you get many types of pani to relish with puri, but combination with chocolate is so unique. I have never been to Mumbai. But whenever I go, eating will be my biggest agenda. #vibhuandme


  12. Manas Mukul says:

    I am yet to try the chocolate pani puri and Mawa Jalebi. Good post Saba. Nice presentation and Info.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia


  13. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Wow yum yum loved all these sweet dishes , all are mouthwatering and I would love to try them When Visit Mumbai next time. #bharatkazaika


  14. vidhya29 says:

    oh yes!! these are some amazing places


  15. Swathi says:

    mouthwatering photos , would love have them all when i visit Mumbai


  16. You have given me such a strong reason to come out from under the stone where I had been living… After reading your post I am just wondering what have I done for these past years living in this very same place which you write about… I have to have all of them but first I am coming for you so that I can take you with me on this Food Trip :DD


  17. mylittleduniya says:

    Hmm, I still haven’t been to many of the SOBO joints. Heading to the Angrezi Dhaba asap


  18. Wow, my taste buds are hyperactive now….


  19. Abhijit Ray says:

    Seekh paratha and mawa jalebi, who can ask for anything more? These look so delicious and appetising! So sugary and cardiologist and diabetologist’s delight, but can’t resist being in foodie heaven for few hours. A beautiful post, great photographs.


  20. rootsheroes says:

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    Liked by 1 person

  21. rootsheroes says:

    Building a community of (travel related) bloggers is one of such attempts to know about the roots of a city.


  22. rootsheroes says:

    We would be writing about Mumbai on 8th January on our instagram channel @rootstravelapp and it would be a pleasure to feature your story. For more details checkout, https://rootstravel.app/people


    1. Hi thanks for the encouragement.
      Would love to get featured on your Chanel. You can send me the link to further boast about it amongst my followers on saba.ladha7@gmail.com


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