Book review- The aventures of the JP family by Radhika Acharya!

Books set your moods correct! And I always choose my books with utmost care. Whether it’s romantic novels, thrillers or humour, they should be the ones that adds in entertainment to my life by just reading them. The newly launched book, The adventures of the JP family by Radhika Acharya did actually charm my insomniac nights.


The light reading, humour embedded book that takes us to the journey at the house and lives of Jay Prakash uncle and his family. I loved the way how beautifully and expertly she had curated each of the chapter according to the A to Z theme and ended them with a slight touch of humour. You will actually find yourself smiling after each of the chapter getting over.

The ins and outs of this family is very well relative as said by the author in the introduction. We will all find a little bit of ourselves sneaking between those chapters. The struggle of maintaining the cool during those daily life stories and finding a humour in it is something that I found amazing in the book.

My favourites

I loved the part in when aunt was given a dose of her actions by comparing her with one of the neighbours very smartly by the kids. I also couldn’t help laughing when I read about the way in which the family was actually playing watchmen to catch that salesman. And also the different parts of fun was always detected in the book from those school meeting days to car driving sessions and so on.

In all, it’s a perfect read (that not at all looks like a debut work by the author) it’s just smashingly perfect! A must read, recommended from myself, a beautiful way to cheer up your time, Definitely going to hit up as one of the best-sellers if given a chance.

About the author

Radhika Sharma Acharya an Indian in origin but presently residing at the UAE is pretty well known for her holdout based writings and have won couple of awards for the same. Her writings were actually displayed in the section of humorous articles at the Nawhind times,Goa and Khaleej times, Dubai. This is her debut effort in writing a book and according to me, she has done an excellent job in it.

You can download the book for free from here!

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  1. Wow. What a review! I am super thrilled !!
    Thank you so much. I am delighted that you enjoyed reading my book. 😊😊


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