Reasons to go for home schooling post pandemic!

I never thought I’d be writing or discussing about this topic ever! I was that mother who had her kids sent to school from the kindergarten stage till tenth without a day’s unnecessary bunk! But today this surge in Covid 19 cases made me wonder. My youngest daughter is eligible for the primary level education as per the Indian system of education and I think it should opt for home schooling for considering the present situation.

If we think in detail, home schooling isn’t a bad option. Actually it’s a fabulous one keeping in mind the utmost safety and proper health of kids during the present coronavirus surge in India. Let’s not forget that a country as highly populated as India will need at least 2/3 years to combat this disease completely. And even though the coronavirus vaccines are available, they aren’t meant for the little kids yet and aren’t suggested to be tried on them.

So, this makes the most important reason to consider the option of home schooling for your kid. I have some more valid ones, let’s see if you agree with me upon these.

The financial crises during pandemic — Let’s accept the fact! The lockdown in India isn’t friendly to the financial condition of the country. We are all striving very hard to meet the ends when business is shut down in the entire nation. Plus, the utility bills and taxes aren’t ceased or decreased either. Amidst all these financial crises during the coronavirus wave in India, tell me how are you going to pay the heavy school fees of the kids? As far as I know the education system haven’t provided any compensation of reduction in the same yet. You have to pay the entire 12 months pay to the school without fail even though your child haven’t visited the institution even for a day during the entire year. That’s where home schooling looks attractive. There are lots of online classes available with minimal fees and innumerable educative videos online that will surely make your child learn more and you pay less!

The online studies aren’t that compatible — Another bitter truth – the teachers of your kid’s school aren’t trained for online sessions yet. So, practically the classes on Zoom or Google meet up aren’t that perfect. Half the time the kid isn’t paying attention to the teacher and during the other half, the teacher is busy trying to adjust herself in the class. But if you are home schooling your child, you know most of the rights and wrongs of this procedure and you are teaching your kid on a one to one basis.

Personal attention counts — Home schooling means more personal attention to the child. If we believe the researches, the children tend to learn and understand a concept better if they are especially taught it. Contrary to your school’s ambience, the child is given lots of personal attention at home and that’s why they learn better. (Not to forget the quality time you get to spend with the kid!)

Practical education— Through home schooling, your child tend to learn practical examples. This counts a lot and the child is already getting passed in the real life exams.

Because safety is important— Don’t you always fear that your child might be attacked or hit when you are sending the kid all the way to school for 6/7 hours? Now, the fear subsides because the kid is with you and you can visualise each and every action of the child.

Let’s not forget that home schooling doesn’t mean to keep an eye on the children all the time. The child requires his/her personal “me time” that you should definitely provide the kid. Apart from it following a systematic timetable and regular schedule for the same is important too. (You just can’t keep nagging the kid to study all day neither can you train child only during some days of the week. Being consistent properly is essential.) As far as the assumptions go, the pandemic is there to stay till 2025. ( approximately) and you just can’t risk your child’s health and safety until then. So, as per the present situation, this stays the best option for parents!

Note – This post is a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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