Slow learning kids – recognise the issue deal and with them wisely!

As a parent you always want your child to be the best from others. Everyone desires a kid who is intelligent beyond the normal IQ level, is super active and very fast in grasping everything you tell the kid. But not all are the lucky ones and not every kid is same. So, even if your kid isn’t having the intellectual level that high, you don’t have to be disappointed. Each kid has his or her speciality and weak points and as a parent you have to be proud of all of these.

Finding out that your child is a slow learner may have come back as a shock to you. But don’t worry, your child’s entirely normal and acceptable. Today, even children with down syndrome are doing great in the academics and other genres of life . So, a kid with slow learning issue shouldn’t be a tension to you at all. Yes, such kids require a special kind of attention and they themselves are constantly facing some problems. You have to help them out in such a difficult phase and accept them happily to ensure that they grow up better and happier.

What exactly is a slow learning child?

Just as the name suggests, a child with the inability to grasp everything faster or as comparatively at a normal level as other kids are slow learning children. Such kids have problems in reading the regular books that kids of their age read. They’ll even complete the milestones a little later as compared to other kids and might even struggle a lot in normal motor activities and speech build up. But overall, their physical progress is normal and many kids do catch up brilliantly after a certain age. But until then, you’ll have to keep in mind these factors while dealing with them.

Provide your child a quite study corner — Children who are slow learners tend to get distracted by even a small issues. So ensure that they have their peace of mind when they are studying. You can provide them a quiet study table and a corner and see to it that nobody is distracting them while they’re paying attention to their studies and activities.

Talk a lot with these kids — It is okay for you to ask a lot of questions to such kids. Since they are slow learners, explaining them everything will take a lot of time. So, you have to be very patient and try to inculcate more knowledge in their minds by talking with them a lot. You can even ask about the insecurities and the problems they face because of lacking and studies another activities. This will help your child cope with the issue better.

Give them small tasks to complete— Children with slow learning problems can’t obviously complete larger task that you assign them. But you have to make them perfect eventually. The best way for this is to provide them with small task which are easy to complete. Slowly and gradually they will climb on higher stages in the course of time.

Don’t label them — The biggest mistake that you commit while dealing with such kids is tagging them with labels. Remember, you don’t have to let them know that they are slow learners. Yes, they have a certain problem which can be easily accessible and if the kids are labelled with this tag, overcoming this issue might be really difficult for them.

Well, these tips are enough to make you aware of the problems your kid is facing presently. Together with your child, you’ll overcome this issue gradually and your kid will grow into an independent and compatible individual.

Note – This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge!

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  1. Wonderful tips Saba


  2. Miles O'Shea says:

    Where does this term slow learner come from? I must say that I hate the term. Slow as compared to whom? I can’t imagine being a child and having someone tell me that I’m slow. How about someone who learns differently or who learns at a different pace?


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