Travel talk – 5 reasons to visit Tamil Nadu in your next vacation!

So today we are talking about our favourite topic, travel! And since we are considering travelling within India, you just can’t miss emphasising on Tamil Nadu. For the people living outside India, Tamil Nadu is a wonderful state of this country that prides in having some of the most astonishing features which makes it of ravishing destination to head for your vacation. This glorified State of South have been in talks due to innumerable factors. But travelling there has a real unique sense of pleasure. Believe me, I’ve been to this State and I just couldn’t help recollecting the happy memories I have from this destination. Apart from it, just to give you a brief idea of the beauty of Tamil Nadu, do check the recent Bollywood movie – Golmaal 5 which beautifully portrays the beauty of this State. Want to know some more reasons to visit this State on your next vacation? Keep reading!

Beauty beauty beauty — No matter how attractive the infrastructure of any state can be, it just can’t compete with the natural beauty of any place! Well, you are definitely going to get that in luscious forms in Tamil Nadu. The rich greenery of this state is incredible. The unending tea and coffee plantations make it even more attractive. And you wouldn’t believe the fine contrast this rich greenery makes with the best waterfalls and glorious mountains. So, when you are visiting Tamil Nadu, you are definitely going to get some wonderful natural clicks to post on your Instagram pages.

Beaches everywhere — You can’t be described as a true wanderer, if you don’t love beaches. The serene feeling of relaxing near the seaside on the softest sand is definitely something that pleases you at an instant. If you are a true beach lover, then you just shouldn’t stop yourself from visiting Tamil Nadu this vacations. Because you will find some of the most alluring beaches of the country and even the prominent ones of Asia located in Tamil Nadu. Yes, we are talking about the famous Marina Beach, Mahabalipuram Beach, Kanyakumari Beach and Covelong Beach. These beaches apart from the natural beauty, provide you a plethora of options in water sports activities as well.

Tradition and temples — Let’s not forget that Tamil Nadu was a prominent state during the past centuries as well. That is why you will get to see a lot of heritage sites and historical remnants at this place. So if you are a history lover, you will definitely get to see some of the fabulous monument at this location. And f you are dedicated to your religion a lot, then be assured that Tamil Nadu has some incredible temples for you to pay homage to. And some of these temples are famous worldwide because of their distinct architecture and prominent importance in the history of the religion as well.

Enchanting hill stations —We definitely can’t miss this point of visiting Tamil Nadu, can we? Well, the hill stations located in this State are truly some of the most magnificent ones of the country. Because Tamil Nadu lies near the hilly terrains on one side and the coastal region at another, you will see lot of greenery and wonderful climate at these hill stations of this place. One of the classic example of the ideal hill station of Tamil Nadu is Ooty, there are more like Kodaikanal, Yercaud and Valparai. Each of these places have fantastic weather all throughout the year and let us give you a secret pro-tip. Visit here with your camping gears and trekking items as well. You will find some wonderful opportunities for this when you are visiting these hill stations.

Foodie delights — Oh my God! Just see where I am heading to! The delectable cuisine of Tamil Nadu is one of the most talked about in the entire country. You’ll get lots of varieties of the traditional dosas and idlis at this place. Let’s not forget that since it lies near the seaside, the seafood varieties are available in surplus as well. If you are visiting the traditional and some of the best restaurants in Tamil Nadu like Dimora, Anjappar Chetinad Restaurant, Junior Kupanna Restaurant, then you’ll remember the taste of their special cuisine for years.

Well, that was Tamil Nadu! Wasn’t impressive? If we believe the expert travellers of the world, they describe the northern part of India as a delightful beauty. But the southern part of India, that is Tamil Nadu is still an undiscovered heaven in the laps of this country. I think that you should at least visit this place once in your lifetime to actually know what real and rich beauty is.

Note – This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge!

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