Food review- 99 pancakes, lower parel, Mumbai!

Pancakes are a new craze in town! This years old tradition has been reinvented in glamourous new way with 99 pancakes! They are the most rapidly budding pancakes outlet in Mumbai, especially South Mumbai. Within a short span of time it has won hearts of almost all sweet tooth foodies out here in the city. As such as, whenever the description of pancakes occur, the … Continue reading Food review- 99 pancakes, lower parel, Mumbai!

Biggest Travel sale on

This new year don’t sit back, travel like never before! Start exploring like you never did before! Well, worried about the expenses? Just don’t! Now get discount upto Rs.20,000 on your flight tickets and a huge discount upto Rs.5,000 on your hotel booking. Oh yes! This can happen with‘s biggest travel sale of 2018. You can also get an instant 10% discount on your … Continue reading Biggest Travel sale on

Su-Kam_Solar Installation at Agra

Here’s a truly inspiring story about handful of students who made it BIG! I went to Agra, of course, to see the Taj Mahal but then I came across something absolutely astounding. Agra-based St. Peters School recently took initiative of uninterrupted electricity in the school premises. Since this school was constructed, it faced the problem of electricity supply in the school. Frequent power cuts had … Continue reading Su-Kam_Solar Installation at Agra

Food Review- Bonne Salads And More at Lower parel, Mumbai!

Each time you eat or drink something, you are either feeding disease or fighting it! So, we better eat good and healthy! Most of us are always conscious of our health and fitness nowadays, therefore have been opting for healthy ingredients while we prepare our food and avoid those extra fats and pounds in each meal. But, getting all those right ingredients fresh daily and … Continue reading Food Review- Bonne Salads And More at Lower parel, Mumbai!

Magnificient monsoon menu at Chaayos!

Monsoons are just magical! While the world cherish the charisma of it in the beauty of nature and flowing breeze, we foodies tend to think only about which snack would best compliment the climate and where! Grabbing a proper meal to compliment the weather always enhances its beauty, says all the foodies ever! And getting your hands on these deliceous snacks is not a cake … Continue reading Magnificient monsoon menu at Chaayos!