Positive experiential stories about Donor Human Milk

We all know the importance of breast milk for babies. It is the source of the right nutrition and extreme wellness for infants. But unfortunately, not all children are blessed with this natural source of nutrition. You will find lots of babies struggling in the NICU for the mother’s own milk. Since they are deprived of breast milk, it is very difficult to provide optimal nutrition to these babies as well as avoid infections and complications. That is when the medical experts launched the campaign of donating breast milk with the help of firms like NeoLacta Lifesciences for these babies. Their initiative of bridging the gap between the donor human milk for needy babies has brought about a revolution in neonatal healthcare.

  • About donating breast milk

There are donors who actually were searching for sources to donate their excess mother’s milk to needy infants. This had numerous benefits for them as well. By donating their breast milk,

  • They saved lots of babies through the mother’s milk products.
  • It helped their uterus to regain its normal size easily.
  • This step also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in women and even prevents breast and ovarian cancer.
  • It prevented the waste of precious human milk that is so much rich in nutrition.
  • It also helps prevent recurrent engorgement and lumps in the mother
  • Some inspiring stories of mothers donating breast milk

 the mothers interested in donating their excess milk got the help and support of organizations like NeoLacta Lifesciences, they shared some really happy stories about their experience in this journey.

Like, Soniya Ramesh from Bangalore felt that donating her milk to other babies other than her daughter made her so joyful and felt so good. She got immense support and help from NeolactaLifeciences and this made the decision even better.

There are also donor mothers like Swati Verma from Jharkhand who has already donated around 50+ packets of breast milk and found this procedure very easy and worth taking efforts for. This milk is then turned into an exclusive human milk diet through NeoLacta Lifesciences which is then provided to premature infants to heal faster.

You will be inspired by the story of Tanaya Pratap Singh from Gurgaon who started the quest of donating her milk on the second day of giving birth to a premature baby and till now has helped many other moms to do so. 

  • The stories of parents who benefitted from the human milk donation initiative

While the mothers donating their breast milk to needy babies are extremely honoured of this chance, there are also some parents who feel deep gratitude towards mothers who have donated milk. You will read some stories about their experiences below.

There are fathers like Mr Abhishek Samaddar who got help from NeoLacta and because of it, his baby got back to a healthy weight within a very short time. He feels lucky to get the mother’s milk fortifier which was the ultimate reason behind this miracle.

Even Ms Sindhu Chetan experienced the real-time miracle of human milk donation and exclusive human milk diet when it helped to save her premature baby’s life during an extremely difficult situation.

Even Mrs G Swathi from Guntur provides a testimonial about how NeoLacta MMF Plus, offered as part of the “Amrut” campaign, has aided in the optimal growth of her preterm child. The newborn, who was 770 grammes at birth, gained 1100 grammes in just two weeks.

Sharing something good always has positive effects. And by reading these experimental stories, we can understand that donating human milk isn’t just beneficial to the infants needing it, but even the mothers providing it have health benefits. . This is the reason you will find each and every donor mother specially requesting other mummies to come ahead and take a step forward for donation. And if you intend to do so, there are organizations like NeoLacta and Savebabies who help, encourage and guide moms to donate their excess breast milk and provide the same to infants who don’t have access to their mother’s milk.. 

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