5 must have home decor changes in your homes this winter

Knock knock, comes in the chilled winter winds! We know this is your favourite season and most all of you are waiting desperately for the snowfall. Yes, if you live in a country like India, you barely get to witness the snowfall unless you live on the extreme northern side. But even when you can’t witness the snow, you really like the cold air and early mornings of the winter season. No wonder going out in the open and enjoying the cool fresh air is something that we all wish for, but we can’t deny the fact that the comfort and cosiness of our house is most desirable during this period And a little bit of change and some pleasant additions to your home decor is definitely going to make the place look more welcoming, inviting and cosy. So, here are some ideas that you can try to introduce in your home decor especially to welcome the winters.

  1. Floor rugs – The first step that you take in the morning when you step out of the bed introduces the chilled wintry feel in your body through your feet. And imagine if this feet lands on the super soft and fur like rug, won’t you feel totally heavenly? Well, that is why we are suggesting you to add some new floor rugs in your house for this winter season. If you want, you can go for the softest of them in various shapes that can be please near your bedside, in the middle of your living room and also a the lawn. This new addition in your house promises a much more cosier walk in the place and some heartfelt warm moments with the family when you are indoors during the winter holidays.
  2. Velvet furnishings – The furnishings in your home play an integral part in adding beauty and comfort factor to the place. The curtains, the couch, the cushions, and even their covers are the dynamic proof of your choices and preferences. Well, winter season is here and velvet is the most romantic and very warm material that you can definitely add in your home decor for this season. You can opt for the dark shades of velvet fabric for the curtains. Match it or contrast it with the couch covers. You also have some printed options in the cushion covers that will make you feel the cosiness and softness of this material mode when you are enjoying your family time in the lounge during the winters.
  3. Indoor plantations – Whether or not your area witnesses snowfall is a secondary factor. But we all know that the greenery outside does get affected due to the cold months. So, how are you going to get your dose of fresh oxygen? Imagine having a refreshing green gardening site in front of you whenever you are in your house during the winter holidays! Won’t it be really beautiful and pleasant? So, for this reason visit the nearby nursery and get some indoor plantations in your home so that if you are unable to step outside much because of the winters and the greenery outside is not so welcoming, you have your own dose of fresh air in your house because of these plants. There are medicinal herbs and vegetable plants that can be planted indoors in your kitchen, you have the decorated ones for your bedroom and living room, then there are multiple options in flowery plants which will look incredible in your garden.
  4. Festive lights – Lot of people around the world celebrate their festivals during the winter season. You might not be necessarily in that category, but it is always great to have some lightings around you whenever you are at home during the winter nights. You all know that night falls early during this season and just to fight the darkness outside, you can have some festive and decorative lights added in your home decor. We don’t need to emphasise on the fact about the options you get in them. There can be colourful lights in various shapes and shades that can look wonderful on your windows, wall, doors or even in your lawn and near your bedside table as well.
  5. Bean bags – One last option that we think you shouldn’t miss adding in your home decor or furniture during the winter months are bean bags. Yes, you’re going to stay indoors a lot and watch some movies and have some friends pouring in for some quick chats. There should be something that can be very comfortable and cosy and welcoming in your house. So how about adding some creative looking colourful and vibrant bean bags in your living room? Not just for entertaining, but even reading at the corner of your house near the fireplace on the bean bags looks like an inviting concept during the cold months, isn’t it?

So, what do you think about our ideas of adding these home decor items to your little heaven during the winter months? If you have some more creative and wonderful ideas too we would love to hear from you. Write those in the comments and show some love on this post.

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  1. These are some really good ideas! I really like the idea of beanbags- they look so cozy! Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you want to check out my blog here is the link: https://thefreedomofless.wordpress.com/2022/11/19/the-freedom-of-less/


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