5 must have items for moms with newborn babies

Are you a new mom with this little human that seems to be your entire world right now? Well, with all that innocence and adorable attitude of this baby, it is natural to care for the child more than what you are capable of! Then there comes the feeling to provide the kid with everything you could in the best possible way. That being said, aren’t you often confused as to what should be your go to item that would help caring for this newborn baby easier? Yes, we already know you are completely stocked up with the diapers, swaddle clothes, baby wipes and other essential items. What we are talking about are the items that would help you when the baby is crying bonkers and you are simply unaware where to head for in such a situation. Call it my personal experience, I really found these essentials truly helpful for my new born babies.

  1. Tummy roll-on — Remember those times when your baby is clenching the fist and crying with closed eyes and screaming like hell? Well, it is the colic pain that is really gripping and painful or the little kid. I’m sure you would have tried giving all the colic pain relief drops and home remedies to the kid to erase that pain. But to no vail! In such a case, thanks to my dear friend who suggested me to use a tummy roll on for my child. I tried the Mamaearth tummy roll on for my baby and it was very effective to relieve the colic pain instantly. You just have to apply it once below the navel area after child and within 5 to 10 minutes the colic will pass out and your child will stop crying. Use it twice daily to avoid the occurrence of colic in the baby.
  • Nail clippers — Are you tired that your baby is very frequently hurting herself with her nails and crying after this? And all those scars on the face are really a torture to view! So, keep a pair of baby nail clippers with your handy and clip the child’s nails very carefully when you are feeding them. Otherwise, the child will move too frantically and you can’t clippers the baby’s nails without hurting the child. (I use the baby hug nail clippers which are pretty easy to grip and very helpful.)
  • A multipurpose basket — With a newborn baby, you can’t predict when you’ll require something important while changing diapers or when the child cries! So, keep a multipurpose open basket with all the baby’s essentials near new for easier help instantly when you most require it. The one I have shown in the picture is bought locally, you can get the same through online stores as well.
  • Baby bather — Bathing a baby can be the most difficult task especially for new moms with their first baby! I understand many of you have your parents on in laws or nannies doing so. But for those who are alone in raising their kids, a baby bather is a must have. It is foldable, very compact, lightweight, easy to carry and extremely sturdy for a baby. And your baby reclines on it comfortably while you bath the kid slowly on it. I had received this as a gift from my dear friend and I found it really awesome for baby.
  • Quick dry sheet — Whether it is for changing the baby’s diapers or massaging the child or just laying the kid without any clothes, you can’t be sure when the baby pees or poops. Thanks for quick dry sheets you can lay them anywhere and still don’t spoil your bed, quilt or floor. The easily drying layer soaks the wetness instantly and the plastic layer on the backside protects the liquid from leaking. I bought one from the FirstCry sight ( of Babyhug brand), you can pick one you like from the online or offline stores.

If you ask me, as a new mother, all of these items were my life saviours. Let me know if one of these helped you out in your parenting journey or suggest some more items that could be added to the list. Best of luck! Happy parenting!

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