Women’s day special — Better mental health for women!

Women can suffer from juggling multiple responsibilities and the pressure to be “perfect”; self-care practises greatly enhance both emotional and physical health.
As women, we manage a variety of roles, including those of carer, homemaker, employee, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, and friend. Attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives shape each of them. The majority of them come with a list of irrational demands and expectations, which make them extremely difficult to handle and meet. The majority of the time, we neglect our own uniqueness and needs while juggling all these tasks and striving to be “perfect” in them. We must make the time to take care of ourselves if we want to make sure that our health comes first. Self-care has a significant positive impact on our well-being.

According to research, women are twice as likely as males to experience common mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Women are more likely than males to experience trauma, often in the form of sexual assault or abuse, and as a result, are more likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, studies have shown that postpartum depression is likely to impact 20% of Indian mothers.

Women with mental illnesses typically do not seek help because they fear being shamed and blamed for not meeting social standards. The high expectations that are placed on women as a community put us under a lot of stress and are bad for our health. This emphasises how crucial it is to take care of ourselves and maintain our health.

Steps to take for better mental health

Self care routine

You can change your lifestyle to better handle stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms by practising self-care. Beyond attending to your most basic requirements, self-care can be anything. It can include things like finishing up a few unfinished tasks, developing the ability to say no, scheduling time for enjoyable activities, rewarding yourself for your efforts, being allowed to be who you are, and – most importantly – offering yourself permission to make mistakes. It is also crucial to understand that taking care of oneself is not being egotistical. A person won’t have the mental and physical stamina to care for another without attending to their own requirements first.

Showing gratitude

One more thing you can do to enhance your mental health is to practise appreciation. Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what is important and useful to you as well as a general feeling of gratitude and appreciation. By expressing gratitude, you project a happier outlook, which enhances your social, work, and personal relationships. You can express gratitude in two different ways: internally by recognising all the positive aspects of your life, or externally by acknowledging the positive aspects of the world.

Spending time with friends

Friendship has a large impact on our mental health because it makes us more resilient. The capacity to handle hardship and adversity is resilience. In comparison to other partnerships, research has shown that friendship can significantly and favourably affect life expectancy.

Follow your hobbies

You can unwind by practising yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, and journaling. They all function in various ways. For instance, journaling enables you to consider and manage your feelings. According to researcher Robert Emmons, it can greatly enhance your happiness and quality of life. While aromatherapy makes use of particular scents to help you relax and improve your mental and psychological states.

Exercise and physical activity are excellent for boosting circulation and controlling breathing. They raise oxygen levels, which will enhance brain performance, calm the nervous system, purify the lungs, and promote restful sleep.

Special advice for:

Working Women

Multiple deadlines, toxic environments at work or at home, and complaining coworkers are all sources of tension and negativity that drain your energy. Women who work should partake in calming activities; try journaling or spending time in nature.

New moms

As a new mother, you must acknowledge and understand that you still have a lot to learn and be kind to yourself. Do not neglect your requirements as you become more familiar with those of your newborn. By looking after yourself, you will be better able to care for your kid. Establish a schedule that works for both you and your kid, make sure you’re still eating healthfully, and make time for exercise. Making time for yourself can be challenging, but doing so will benefit both you and your kid.

Stay at home women

It’s a common misconception that women who stay at home have it simple, but this is untrue. They are held to a high standard, have a lot of responsibilities, and must take care of everyone at home. While attending to the requirements of so many others, it is very simple to lose sight of your own identity, which can be incredibly draining. You must schedule time to pamper yourself and attend to some of your own requirements. You could achieve this by taking a class in a subject you are interested in, decluttering your home, or starting a simple nighttime skin care regimen. You can also engage in activities you appreciate, such as reading or visiting with friends.

Never feel guilty about taking care of your emotional well-being and yourself. Since you are a unique person, your requirements are legitimate. If you continually put off taking care of your health and wellbeing, you will only make life more difficult for yourself in the long term. You should treat yourself with respect because you are a valued member of your family and community. While working to maintain your health, give yourself licence to take pleasure in and celebrate life. I strongly advise you to contact a helpline or talk with a mental health professional if you or anyone you know is struggling with a mental illness or feeling overwhelmed by it.

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