5 signs your child is getting too much screen time.

How much screen time is too much screen time? It’s a tough question to answer. Not just for children, but also for adults. Well, we are all having our lives revolved around smartphone and digital media. And even the kids aren’t left behind in the hurricane. But, we need to stop, right? Before we are totally addicted to these devices and have no other means of happiness, life needs to be rebooted. Especially for kids! They are the most vulnerable creatures exposed to this danger. But alas, not all parents understand this until it’s very much

So, let me ask you a question — How do you know if your child is spending too much time with a smartphone? We know you often are ready to tackle their tantrums and hand them over the devices out of frustration. (Or May be you need to spend some time with your own device too.) whatever the condition, it’s serious. Do you know around 65% of children became mobile addicted during this recent lockdown period? Well, the figures are huge and the parents understanding this issue as a grave problem are really low in numbers. Why? Because they themselves don’t know that their kids are addicted to mobile phones. So, I thought of getting this post ready after reading lots of recent surveys and studies and making them aware that the danger is real and the need to stop the issues is super serious. Well, do keep reading to know the signs that say your child is finally addicted to the dangerous screens!

They aren’t themselves!

Do you feel your child is stranger than usual? Are they taking utterly nonsense or just too much that they previously did? Well, those uncountable You tune videos finally made a way to their heads and they are already mimicking those artists from the videos. Or in some cases, they do become unusually quite and introvert and only like watching videos and playing games on screen. You must understand, this matter is too serious than the previous one.

They throw major tantrums

Kids throwing tantrums are normal. But when they show this attitude after every single issue and don’t want to hear anything against their well, then it’s definitely a side effect of too much screen time. If we believe the studies, about 92% of babies have used mobile phones be for their first birthday. This obviously does the seems of intolerance in them from the early years which grows as a plant later on!

The couldn’t have their hands off the mobiles!

A very clear sign that your child is totally hooked to the screen! He/she would be taking it every now and then through any kind of excuse. And yes, any kind of punishment, scolding or explaining during this time doesn’t work for them. Most of the surveys conclude that a mobile addictive child can’t stay away from the device for more than fifteen minutes of his awake time.

They have concentration issues!

The child that’s constantly on screen will not be able to concentrate on any other thing well. You can instantly catch a child whose too addicted to the screens by noticing how the child won’t stay long to hear everything you say and soon have the iPad or smartphone with him. Such children even show poor academic results which in turn destroys their career as well.

Frequent mood changes!

You’ll notice your child to go suddenly wild after you forcefully snatch the mobile from him. What’s more, they’ll also start feeling frustrated and restless if you don’t provide them with the device for a long time. Sometimes the children can behave really weird unless the smartphone isn’t provided to them. Yes, after they get the device, they are pretty normal. Studies have proved that children under the age of 9-16 are suffering from depression, major aggressive mood swings and even suicidal tendencies due to screen addiction.

Well, this proves that the screens that you think as your life saver that keeks your children busy while you’re working, is actually a disaster for them. And if you want your child to stay safe, healthy, happy and normal, ensure to restrict their screen timings and follow this rule religiously.

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