The review — Expiry Date- An incredible drama worth a watch!

Can you imagine what happens if you accidentally murder somebody and find that the reason for the murder has been murdered as well? Of course, it is intriguing! But this is what you find in the new web series, Expiry Date on ZEE5. 

Brief about the show

The show claims to be a mystery, thriller and suspenseful watch of a story on how being cheated in love brings in revenge, hate and deceit in you and make you do incredible things. And we believe that all the exciting characteristics of being thrilling and captivating is present in this series. 

image credit – ZEE5

This series having 10 episodes of 30 minutes is directed by Shankar Marchand. You will see Tony Luke, Madhu Shalini, Snehal Ulal and Umer Raza in the lead roles. While Tony and Sneha play spouses and Madhu and Umer the other pair, the central characters of the show are only Tony and Madhu. This show can be watched from the “Thrillers” section on the ZEE5 along with other some other astounding shows to check. o The exciting plot 

o Brief about Expiry Date

The web series, Expiry Date revolves around the story of a person who finds his beloved wife cheating on him and catches them red handed. He then murders heraccidentally and hides his crime. In order to put the entire blame on her wife’s lover, he visits the cops to file a missing complain and surprisingly finds a woman filing the same complaint about her husband. The story then takes another twist as the lady accepts the fact of killing her husband as welL. So far so good, but the trouble wasn’t all for them! They actually are blocked by a third person who knows exactly about their #BuriedSecrets and can reveal it to the officials! And after this, the captivating thrills and suspense begins. o Why should you watch this series

If you love suspense and thrillers, then #ExpiryDate should be the first show that should come on your mind! You can actually binge watch it and finish the entire series within a day. The show is that exciting! You will find the unique and incredible twist and turns bringing up a new direction to the show and you are actually glued to your screen to know what happens next. The incredible acting of the well known stars are something that shouldn’t be missed. Along with the hard work of the director and the great story, Expire Date is a fully packed entertainment package. 

Image credit – ZEE5

o My take on the show

On a whole, we are super impressed! The show starts with a series of events that eventually takes the unthinkable mode and ends up in an entirely different way. Each new episode has something you new stored in it. Every new turn comes up at the right time and there is no rush of events in any episode. The ending is totally out of your thoughts and that is the very special factor of this show. We really liked the point that there isn’t a single dragged point of scenes in this series. In all, we were fascinated by this series and couldn’t leave ourplace until it all ended!

So, if you are super bored of the political shows and the usual Saas Bahia sagas, log into ZEE5 to watch Expiry Date which will be refreshing change from the monotonous shows and series!

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