Best remedy for extreme hair-fall problems!

Hair fall problems

Constant stress, growing pollution and the chemical based food consumption, the effects of these is directly seen in your hair. The once lush, sanding and full volumed hair seems too thin and rough nowadays. And if you are crazy about coloured streaks and straightening of your hair, then the damage doubles. The unmanageable, frizzy hair that you get due to all these factors often give way to extend hair fall. And we can imagine the horror you feel at the sight of thousands of hair strands in your comb after each wash and brushing!

An answer to your hair fall problems!

Trichup hair fall control shampoo

As the hair fall complains keeps on increasing day by day, so do it’s probable solutions as well. You will see a hundred of advertisements aired on television and even on social media channels that guarantee the stopping of the same instantly. But obviously, not all do work best in this case. That’s why after a thorough research we came across Trichup Natural Hair-fall control shampoo and hair mask by Vasu Healthcare. It’s your answer to all the prayers that you sent above for the better health of your hair.

Trichup got oil treatment hair mask

How Trichup hair fall solution is best for your hair?

Trichup from Vasu Healthcare

The natural Trichup hair fall shampoo is a product of Ayurveda and contains the following listed natural ingredients that benefit your hair growth instantly and helps their further damage and falling.

  • Amla
  • Licorice
  • Bhingaraj

While the Trichup hot oil treatment hair mask is best for to stop your hair fall problem as you can apply it after the regular shampoo and let your hair stay for five minutes in a warm towel before washing it off. It contains the following listed ingredients which makes even this mask the perfect answer to your growing hair in the dustbin.

  • Hibiscus
  • Holy basil
  • Neem

Apart from these, they are extremely chemical free and contain no paraben and silicone and no other harmful ingredients. So now, with Vasu Healthcare and Trichup shampoo and hair mask, you can enjoy long, luscious and thick hair for long! Let’s have happy hair days everyday with Vasu Healthcare!

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