Volume up – violence is nowhere in parenting!

Believe it or not, we’ve all been there. As a parent you are often so frustrated with your day to day work life and pressure that you want to let out your rage somewhere. And imagine if your kid chooses that time to be very adamant and arrogant! Well, there use it. Yes, you use physical abuse and hit your child. I know I’m sounding a bit hateful and very rude, but that is what the situation actually is. Just because you are a parent and your child is a week individual, doesn’t give you any right to show your strength on a little kid. Remember, you’ll give your entire world to see that kid protected. But what if you yourself are the danger to the child? Who’ll protect this kid then? And that is what a child thinks when a parent hits him/her!

Keeping aside your love for your child, it is even practically and morally wrong to hit another individual just because you can’t bear their pressure or your work life pressure. But since parenting is a huge responsibility and a very delicate matter, we are specially talking about why you shouldn’t use violence against children at any cost. We just hope that you get the message loud and clear and keep your hands off from your kids at any situation, remember any situation.

Reasons to not do use violence against your child!

They are not mature — Even if you have a teenage kid, we would recommend you to not to use violence against the kids. Because at the end of the day, they are not as mature as you are. And just put yourself in their shoes and imagine what would such kids think when they are beaten up by their own parents. This brings a sense of insecurity in the child which ultimately becomes a huge psychological problem in the future. And if you are constantly hitting the kid, the child becomes very dominating and tend to consider such action normal. that is when they don’t even react when somebody from outside the circle hits them. Well, we consider this very disappointing situation.

It breaks off your bond with your child — If you think that just because you are hitting the child, you are helping the kid to become a better individual, then we would suggest you to consider this matter once again. This couldn’t be the actual case. Punishing the child through strict ways is entirely different from spanking the kid. If you believe in researchers and surveys, almost 77% of Indian children are hit regularly by their parents. We just hope you aren’t one of them. Because at the end of the day your born between ur child comes in danger because of this physical abuse.

Your guilt is forever— We understand that you hit the child because the kid was being adamant. But remember, your guilt is forever! You just can’t focus on the matters in your hand and the situation worsens than improving.

The after effects are devastating — Do you know that around 40% of the cases recorded of the kids having criminal records and showing inappropriate psychological behaviour during the teenage or adult years is because of the violence they have to bear through their parents in their childhood? Well yes, the scars that come on your child’s skin or face when you hit them may heal after sometime, but the effects are way beyond that.

We know the stats and reasons given above are very depressing. But you need to understand that you have to stop this act. Just because our parents used this method to train us, we shouldn’t follow the suit. Not everything that we inherited from our grandparents is positive. Some other things should be given away with the changing situations. But obviously, you’ll ask for an alternative to manage your fussy child here. So, they these tips for a change!

Be patient and practical — We understand that when you are a parent you are ultimately very patient. Its level is tested each day and moment and you can’t even stress on this matter openly. Phew! But nobody told parenting would be easy! So, try and stretch your patient level some more and be practical with yourself. Remember all these above pointers and stop yourself from hitting the child. We know you can do it!

Try punishing strictly instead — There are at least a dozen ways to punish your child without hitting them. You can limit their television access confiscate their favourite games, mobiles etc. Try your parenting hacks and use those punishment tactics instead. We are sure you would come out with something really very strict and working way to tame them.

Talking always help — There’s no greater solution than talking the things out with your kid! You can sort huge issues by just this single step. So, it is finally the time to sit with your child and have – person to person talk. Know why your child is behaving in such a manner and make the kid understand the results and consequences of such actions.

At the end of the day, each parent’s journey and the way of handling such matter is different. But we really hope that you wouldn’t raise your hand on your kid from now onwards. It’s a gentle request from a parent who is actually guilty of this crime and wouldn’t really want no other mother to be on the same position.

Note – This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge!

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  1. Pr@Gun says:

    I agree with your post, being a parent we sure need to understand that violence or hitting is nowhere a solution. Have been thru this as my elder one was very very naughty and hyper, but slowly I realized continuous scolding was hampering my relation and I changed myself for the better and it sure helped me grow up with my kiddo.


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