Top 5 Mughlai food

Mughlai food, the ravishing legacy of congenial aroma of rich spices, the succulent and enriching taste and a careful conjunction of diverse ingredients weaved well with the Indian style of cooking inherited from the Persian and Mughal rulers way back from the 16th century! So perfectly are these delicacies prepared by the Indians, that these are termed as Indian food across most of the globe. Do you know that amongst the 100 reasons of visiting India, food is the 14th in the list and most of these tourists and even locals term the Mughlai cuisine of India as their most favourite one! The rich savoury gravies with lavish dips of juicy meats, the bewitching smooth layers of kebabs, those buttery soft and luscious naans and not to forget the very famous and heartthrob of many foodies, the flavoursome, nectareous Biryani seems to be the reason of happiness for many. Mumbai, being one of the most exciting and progressive cities of the world, excelled in this talent too. The city that’s a hub of food fanatics has numerous food outlets, restaurants and dhabas that promise the best Mughlai food in Mumbai. But, are these all worthy of visiting? Are all of these the benchmark in quality of taste of the Mughlai cuisine that they promise? Well, after tasting from around 100 such outlets and restaurants, I have sorted the names of these five best Mughlai serving restaurants in Mumbai. These hidden gems of Mughlai food listed below can be terms as masters of Mughlai kitchen and serve some relishing dishes prepped up so well with the charismatic combination of spices and meats or veggies, that would leave your taste buds craving for some more after having these.

Please note- The places listed below aren’t listed according to any rankings. These 5 are equally well versed with their ingredients and cooking art, but definitely exceed most of the others accept them! Their inclusion in this list is after taking in to consideration the important factors like value for money, food presentation, hygiene, food quality and most of all, the explicit taste of the same.

Biryani Guru

The most visited restaurant to savour real Mughlai taste straight from the kitchen at Navi Mumbai. An expert in serving authentic Mughlai food. The enticing taste of their food, the variety in menu that they offer and the manner in which each of their dish is different than the previous ones, attracts a retreating number of foodies to this place. From presentation to pricing everything is perfect here adding in to the enticing taste that I’m sure you wouldn’t have tasted before anywhere.

Shorba Shorba at Biryani guru
Mughlai cuisineTikka platter
Mughlai food Picture credit- Biryani guru

Their authentic styled lamb soup will let you experience the true taste of it in the purest Mughal style. The tikkas barbequed up to perfection adding in just the precise amount of spices definitely tickles your taste senses the best way. Their gravies are extremely delicious made so well, you’ll be actually licking your fingers at the end of those naans you savoured them with. What can be called as the show stopper of this restaurant is their parda mutton Biryani! One of the first outlets to introduce the parda Biryani, its a exquisite blend of spices served with soft and piquant chunks of mutton/ chicken or vegetables and served under an edible veil that’s unveiled just at the time of serving you!

Mughlai food Parda Biryani

Apart from these, their menu has some incredible specialised Mughlai dishes which are truly exceptional and Biryani guru just charges around 1000 INR for a couple.

Charcoal eats

One of those outlets that can be termed as serving best Mughlai food in India. They have numerous branches across the country at Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Indore, Jaipur and Jamshedpur. For their food, it’s what we can wise serving of careful cooking. Their toothsome dishes are prepared absolutely without any preservatives and served fresh with their original luscious taste that’s so heavenly, it’s always a delight to consume food served by charcoal eats.

From the crispy dahi ke kebab to the tiny delights of softest chicken galouti kebabs, it’s just amazing! Top 5 Mughlai food restaurants in Mumbai

Galouti kebab- Pic crédit- charcoal eats
Top 5 Mughlai food destinations in Mumbai Hari bhari kebab pic credit- Charcoal eats
Mughlai food Chicken tikka pic credit- charcoal eats

The tikkas which are softest and juiciest to chew, the seekh which are absolutely tantalising and the stuffed parathas that can put anyone’s tummy to growls, are terrific to taste. Their biryani have that solid form of excellency in them that clings well with the taste to give you a treat of deliciousness. The afghani veg Biryani, butter chicken biryani the Awadhi chicken biryani and the ranges are innumerable! These present the wholesome blend of fresh and pleasant smelling spices accompanied well with the Biryani rice and the perfect dum that they need to get completed.

Mughlai food in Mumbai Veg afghani Biryani pic credit- charcoal eats
Biryani Dum Biryani pic credit- charcoal eats

Spread across 17 outlets in Mumbai ranging from Kemp’s corner to Thane, they deliver the yummy treats at your doorsteps in an intact packaging or you can even check in their various dine ins available at some of the places across Mumbai. All you need is just around 500 INR for a couple to enjoy the luscious taste of their exotic Mughlai or Indian food in Mumbai from charcoal eats.

The Foodie Nawab!

Rejoicing the kingdom of Mughal rules, the foodie nawab has everything for the hungry for Nawabi cuisine foodies here! Bringing in a new addition in their already lip smacking menu, they are the most talked about Mughlai food serving people in Mumbai. One of the foodies favourites, they have got some smashing variants of Biryani enough to put any Biryani lover in a dilemma to choose from them. The lavish curries made from the richest source of ingredients and spices, the enthralling kebabs made in Nawabi style and the very endearing kulfi shake, you just couldn’t help but eat your diets out if you order food from them.

Mughlai curries White chicken curry pic credit- the foodie nawab
Mughlai foods Melted mango kulfi shake pic credit- the foodie nawab
Kulfi shakes in Mumbai Melted pista kulfi shakes pic credit- the foodie nawab

Only a delivery outlet near CST area in Mumbai right now, they are very first people to bottle up our very nostalgic and childhood favourite kulfi in to a devine shake. Their melted pista kulfi shake, melted mango kulfi shake and some more awesome shakes like these would force you to gulp it down in a single sip.

Biryanies Baked cheese chicken Biryani pic credit- the foodie nawab
Biryani Chicken biryani pic credit- the foodie nawab

Ranging from butter chicken to chicken bhuna, their succulent white chicken and chicken masala to dhabe ki dal fry, their gravies are extremely slurpy! The very first to introduce the ravenous baked chicken cheese Biryani which is loved by all and in quite a trends nowadays. The pahadi chicken biryani, the chicken Afghani malai tikka Biryani and dum chicken Biyani enriched with charcoal cooked chicken chunks along with spices and aromatic rice, just perfect for a Biryani lover like us!

Meal boxes Queen sized meal boxes pic credit- the foodie nawab

Opt for their queen size combinations variants that serves your choice of gravy with Parathas and a huge serving of tasty Biryani of your choice. Sending in all these in a totally unique and appealing packaging but intact too, The foodie nawab serves exotic Mughlai food for just 500 INR for a couple.

ZAS Kitchens

When you’re craving for Mughal food that’s so authentic that you actually feel relishing Persian flavours and love the homely feel of it, try ordering from ZAS Kitchens. One of the prime Mughal food destinations amidst our favourite food hub, Mohammed ali road, they are an all rounder in delivering perfectly packed wholesome food boxes containing of some out of the world Kebabs, filling rolls, gratifying Biryani and lush desserts. While their individual Mughal dishes are bringing in a big fame from areas wide and near, their special tiffin and meal boxes are gripping the working foodies as well.

Best tikkas in Mumbai Tikkas pic credit- ZAS KITCHENS
Mughlai food restaurants in Mumbai Tikka and Biryani pic credit- ZAS Kitchens
Mughlai cuisine Malai chicken rolls pic credit- ZAS Kitchens

More profoundly known for their exquisite vegetarian meal boxes for corporates and offices, they even expertise in serving huge party orders with their piquant veg and non vegetarian delicacies. For once if you relish their dainty tikkas enticed with perfect species, their mutton dum Biryani with softest chunks of mutton’s done well in the purely Mughal tasting Biryani, their very delicious chicken seekh Biryani that leaves you craving for some more and those generously filled chicken and cheese kebabs, I’m sure you’re not going to forget the lingering taste on your tongue for days. What’s more, people are actually loving their ecstatic tasting food and hence their meal boxes one of the largest tiffin box services in South Mumbai right now.

Meal boxes Vegetarian meal box pic credit- ZAS Kitchens
Meal boxes in Mumbai meal box pic credit- ZAS Kitchens
Mutton Biryani meal box pic credit- ZAS Kitchens

Their dessert meals, truly prepared with the Mughlai charm in it is something worth trying too. You just couldn’t forget the rich taste of their dudhi and carrot halwas. The charge for living up the enticing taste of ZAS Kitchen’s scrumptious Mughlai food is just around 500 for a couple.

Lucky restaurant!

The pride of bandra almost a half a century old a special favourite of every foodie residing in or visiting Mumbai. You can just hop in lucky for your dose of Mughlai food made at its best expertise manner. From the lip-smacking slurpy gravies to buttery dipped naans, their meals offered our just crazily amazing! The tikka kebab varieties they serve can be filling and delightful at the same time and still you would crave for more. Left is their so famous Biryani, these haven’t tasted a bit in the years except for better and still give you the same relishing feel as you taste the first morsel of it.

Mughlai food in Mumbai Tandoori chicken pic credit- Zomato- lucky restaurant
Biryani in Mumbai Mutton Biryani pic credit- Zomato- lucky restaurant

Their Khebsa rice that reminds you of the lights of Persian delights all transmitted in their food is a perfect mild spicy nicely cooked rice tossed with chicken is something to die for. If you love the Mughlai taste to extreme and just don’t want to miss it, you just can’t miss their mutton biryani all very muttony, a bit spicy but tasty to its extreme level.

Mughlai food places in Mumbai Gravies pic credit- dineout- lucky restaurant
Mughlai food serving places in Mumbai Curries pic credit- Zomato- lucky restaurant

They even have that art to diversify the taste of their gravies and curries to the level of perfection with the perfect Mughal taste. Something that makes it even more an exciting place to try for Mughal foods in Mumbai!

Tasting all these savouries at lucky restaurant just costs you around 1300 INR for a couple.

After checking these tempting and gracious pictures of such delicious savouries, I’m sure you’d be hitting them one by one to taste those enticing Mughlai food at the earliest! So, what are you waiting for? Just click on the blue letters you see or just order through swiggy, Zomato or UBER eats and get your food delivered at your doorstep! I’m sure you would definitely second me in my opinion to tag these explicit places as the best 5 Mughlai food serving places in Mumbai!

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