A strange encounter!


Bright, sunny day and continues rising temperature, summer knew how to hit hard on humans. She was taking her usual morning walk sweating her way and burning those fats. Her doctor has already advised her to pay attention to her fitness. As if it would save her! She thought agitated. Life has been cruel to her, taking away her living rights just when she started living it. The illness she was now fighting was nothing short of death in its own self. The thought living with it daily, and soon to be died because of it another pain in itself. Heaving a long sigh, she went about in her daily run.

In her own thoughts, she clashed with something hard. “Gosh! Who makes a cement wall in the middle of a park?” she opened her eyes and forgot to blink it. The wall actually belonged to a full fledged man. Hell and hearty, heighted up to six point something, and colour just like any Indian man. But he had an aura of uniqueness and authority in him.

“Well? The wall in the middle of the park demands and apology!” He asked with a quirked eyebrow. “Ahem! Wasn’t even the wall walking around with closed eyes? She asked with folded arms. He seemed to be thinking for a second and said, “OHK! I am sorry for being the wall in the middle of a blind woman’s way!” “What do you mean? How rude! How can you even say such a thing?” She fumed. She could have killed the person standing opposite her.

He smiled secretly. He didn’t knew why, but he was actually enjoying teasing this golden haired, fair skin simple girl standing there all angry clad in denims and log loose pink top. He was actually quite a reserved man always in his own world and rarely talking with anyone. But watching her all red with anger brought about someone in himself he didn’t recognised before.

“You know what? I shouldn’t even be talking to you. I have better work than talking with a dumb headed man.” She actually felt good after giving him a dose of his own medicine. She started walking away when someone clasped her shoulder from behind. “How dare you?” She felt it weird about somebody touching her and raised her hand to slap that hand away but instead the hand touched hardly on his face. The stranger stared her back with fiery eyes. He was controlling his anger to his extreme. Her fingers seem to have left a mark on his cheek. First time in her life, she actually felt scared of someone. She realised she have done something really bad. She gulped hard, “Actualy, you caught me from behind, I… I was shocked and that’s really unethical you know, to touch someone you don’t know from behind.” She knew was making a fool of herself blundering with those words. But he seems to be deaf on all those words. Just staring her with fire in his eyes. His gaze penetrating deep in her as if would create holes inside her.

He could have clutched her neck and forced her to death. But he didn’t knew why, he was controlling himself. “You’ll have to pay! No one have dared to touch Adil Khan till now. You have crossed the limits, wait for the worst time of your life.” He pointed a finger towards her and went away taking large, powerful, angry steps.

Read the second part here!

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  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    Story is becoming interesting. Look forward to reading next post.

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    1. Thanks, so stay tuned


  2. aditi says:

    Gripping me. Excited to know what happens next!

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  3. Pr@Gun says:

    Glued to know more…. Interesting encounter

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  4. In love with the two characters already. Watching out for more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keep reading…,


  5. Rashmi says:

    Interesting narration of the story. Would go to the second part to know more.

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