Cruel claim!

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“I need twenty packs of that energy drink immediately now. The ones I have ordered?” “Yes ma’am, I will pack it immediately.” The salesman was about to turn when she called him from behind, “Hey, wait a minute! Make it thirty, these drinks are very essential for my health and is not available in the whole area. If it gets finished before time, I will have to travel for hours to get them.” She told the salesman.

“This is what I was looking for”. He smiled to himself. He knew very well what he should do next. He silently walked towards the Manager’s seat and approached him. “I need those energy drinks out there, he pointed towards the rack containing them.” “Yes sir! How many do you need them?” He asked politely. “How many do you have in stock?” He was getting impatient now. The manager seems to be in an alert position now, “Sir we have around two hundred and fifty packs, all fresh, got them all today.” “ok! So pack me all of them right now.” He took a glance on his watch and continued, “you have five minutes to do the needful. Let me know the total amount for payment” The manger was suddenly out of place. “But sir we can’t give you all right now. There’s a lady there who has an urgent need of it and have ordered it three days back especially through us. We have to provide her atleast some of the packs and there may be more customers for the need of it. You know, we can’t get another stock for another weak now.” “Look!” He banged his palm on his table, clenching his teeth to keep his voice low, yet powerful. “I want all of them stacked up in my car within five minutes, otherwise, you can start searching for your new job. I will buy your pharmacy within seconds and replace you with another intelligent manager.” He had that fiery in his eyes while he talked to

him. The salesperson gulped, “may I know your name sir?”

“Adil Khan! Its Adil Khan, you know me right?” The manager didn’t utter a word, he just ordered his man to stock up the drinks in his car and told him the total.

Adil Khan took out some notes from his wallet and handed him. The amount made the manager struggle for words, “sir, these are so..” “it’s ok! Keep the change!” He said carelessly and started towards his car.

Meanwhile, Sarah approached the manager, “please let me know my total amount.” “Actually mam! The energy drinks you ordered have been out of stock.” The manager said slowly. “Excuse me? What? How can this be possible I just told him to pack two dozens for me and I have ordered it especially from you people. I need them urgently, I showed your my prescription too. You know I can’t get it anywhere in the area, how am I going to get it then?” She went on. “I understand mam, but we can’t help it, this sir just bought all of them, he said he wanted it.’ “who’s, who’s this sir? I will talk to him. How can he buy off the whole stock of a certain thing that’s of medical importance to some people suddenly and how can you people sell him off like this. Did he show you his prescription card of it?” She was already feeling breathless, God! She needed that drink desperately now. “I am sorry mam, but we can’t do anything in this matter.” He shook his head showing all of his powers were lost now. “Ok! Where’s he?” She thought she could convince the man, anybody wouldn’t mind giving them some because of her urgency. The manager pointed towards the black Mercedes where the workers were busy piling up the energy drinks.

Sarah started taking some steps towards the car until that second when she stood like a statue on her place. He was the same person, staring her as be brought down the glass windows slowly and then intently stared at her with his fierce eyes with hatred in them that made her gulp. He then slowly put up the glass window and buzzz, went the car away.

Adil couldn’t help but smile widely on his first triumph. That reaction on her face, he remembered the shocked look of her eyes and her open mouthed expression, now let’s see how is she going to find this energy drink in the whole area. So what if he couldn’t find her name and address, this start was nothing less. The rest, his detective can do. He continued smiling the rest of the way.

Sarah was there all white. She didn’t knew he would actually mean it when he said he’s going to make her pay. This is insane. How can he buy the whole set of those energy drinks that he didn’t need just to make her pay. This would have cost him thousands, strange man wasting thousands of his hard earned money just to make her suffer. But, what would she do now. She was hardly going on her with her normal work, she needed those gulps of energy drinks timely to give her some amount of strength. Her doctor have prescribed the same especially for her, because she didn’t want to get admitted in hospital. She didn’t want her last days of her life to be spent miserably at the hospital waiting for death to come and engulf her one day. She wanted to live, just like all others are living, without the fear of near coming death, or this new fear of Mr. What Khan… God knows what was his name, he said, something with A, may be because of the illness and weakness, her memory is deteriorating day by day.

She stood on the near by stool, now thinking what was she going to do next, where can she get those drinks now. They were rare, not all products suited her condition and these were available only by special order. She have to get them without fail that’s for sure. She can’t wait for the whole week and depend on this store to get her, they may be his men and would again deliver him the same. But how can she travel all those miles down the hills in this condition? God help her!

She started walking slowly towards home, already feeling weak. The feeling that she was exhausted of both strength and those drinks made her more week. She was about to cry of her miserable life. May be she should get admitted in the hospital, let life end slowly in the most hateful surrounding, may be there would be nurses and others to care for her. She wouldn’t have to go on with her journey, her last journey alone. Struggling at each step.

Fourth part coming tomorrow…….

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  1. Crazy he is! Hope she will find energy drinks somewhere else instead of asking him.

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  2. Abhijit Ray says:

    Yes people with money behave this way more often than not. I think they forget money comes and goes, but humanity stays forever. But that is life. Show us how Sarah will bring Adil Khan to his knees.

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    1. Let’s wait and hope for that


  3. shravmusings says:

    I am getting angry now on Adhil, how crazy he is becoming..waiting for the next part

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    1. Stay tuned, you’ll be seeing the extreme of hatred and cruelty now


  4. darshanasbh says:

    You are an amazing storyteller..!

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    1. Thank you so much


  5. Pinakin says:

    really good story hooked me up till the end. looking forward to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure, stay tuned

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  6. Read all the parts in one go and now, I need more. Waiting for the other parts!

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