Dark drenched night!

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Life was never easy for her. After bearing all those tortures at home and completing her high school, she one day ran suddenly from her aunts place. She didn’t even know if she was her real aunt or had bought her from somewhere. She never saw her parents, they were dead when she was of three years, that was what her aunt said and always blamed her for the same. She was a weak child, she had this unbearable pain attacks in her arm at nights and bad dreams of getting separated from someone very dear to her. Not that it had any connection with her illness now, she has confirmed this factor with her doctor too. She wasn’t a genius in school, just OK in her studies but she could never cover up her studies because of the house chores she was assigned by aunt. There was always something to do and someone to answer when she sat with her books. This made her grades go down, but at least she passed her high school.

Later one day, when her aunt got mad with her because she wasn’t ready to marry her rotten spoil son, she hit her until blood was running down her nose and head. The curses, the hits, the physical torture, everything was bearable now, but she just wouldn’t be able to live with her for the rest of her life, let alone the thought of marrying this goon son of hers. The next day, when her aunt went to the local market, she went ahead with her plan to run that she made lying awake the previous night. Along with some cash from her savings that she made by doing part time job at the local canteen after school, hiding it from aunt of course. She always thought the school ran later till mid afternoon. Took all her certificates and ran away, never stepping back to that hell of a place. She promised herself that.

Four years down the lane, she had changed various women’s hostels, went to night schools and worked at the malls as helper during the day. Just nine months back, after getting amazing results in her college degree, she got an unexpected yet high paying job in a multinational company and hence rented a small place that she could call her sweet home,which she never had in life, of which she had always dreamt of, which she loved the most in her life.

Watching the beautiful sunset from his lavish bungalow terrace, Adil khan was sipping that energy drink silently. It tasted OK, God knows why girls are such a fool to drink these to get them energized, there were loads of healthy food available in market. She was a young girl, a little bit slim, but not weak, then why this energy drink? She even had some dark circles under her beautiful eyes, her eyes, those were so deep, the sort of eyes that could speak a thousands words, he liked her long,curly eye lashes too. And her innocent face, she looked very sweet, all confused, puzzled when he went away with those drinks. Her lips were half opened and… Oh hell! What was he thinking of? It was true he was charmed by her innocent beauty, but wasn’t it that the next instant he got to know that she was a hateful, crazy and rude girl, slapping him! He
couldn’t ever be attracted to her, never! He could never like anything of her, nothing. He is just going to hate her, to teach her a lesson, to take the revenge of that slap on his face and ego.

It was already ten thirty at night and it raining cats and dogs. It was just the starting of the monsoons, and they seem to have created a havoc in the city. Its been raining heavily since morning, she had waited in her office waiting for it stop, but even after waiting more than an hour after the closing hours, when it didn’t stop, she started towards the bus stand. Most of the office staff had ready left, there was no taxi to be seen and according to her daily records, the last bus was destined to come withing ten minutes. But even ten minutes were enough to get her drenched to the chore. Any tiny infection can result in to a huge illness for her because of her low immunity power due to her condition. That was what her doctor had warned her about, that was the reason she was avoiding coming out in the rain the whole day. She couldn’t afford to catch a fever or cold at this time, this could end her up at hospital for all the days that were left for her.

She had tiny tears in her eyes knowing how little time she had left in her life remaining. All her dreams of having a sweet family, marrying a handsome, understanding and kind man, who would love her as if she was the most special person on the earth and have cute little kids, lots of them. She loved babies and wanted to love and hold hers own and give them the best childhood, all the love she could give, because she never got that love during her childhood. They would all go after their father, the most stunning kids of the most handsome dad. Sober and loving just like their father. She always had the dream of marrying a man of these qualities.
Not like that cruel, monstrous Adil khan. That man was the most hateful and cruel being existing on the earth .What kind of man snatches cruelly away a medicinal prescription of a patient? That man should be slapped a multiple times because of his doings. It was because of him she had to take a day off from her office yesterday and go all the way for a journey four hours long to get a fresh stock of those drinks. Those were extremely important for her active lifestyle now. Her boss was becoming intolerant now because of her frequent holidays due to her illness, reports and check up. She has deliberately hidden her medical information from her colleagues and boss because she didn’t want anyone’s sympathy. And the truth is, who wants to hire an ill worker, they’ll all give her some amount for her medication and advice her to quit the job and get the best care in hospitals for her last days, and she didn’t wanted that at any cost.

Sometimes, its just work that keeps you going, she was living the same way.
She impatiently looked at her watch, there was still five minutes left for the bus to arrive. She have to catch it any cost, it was the last one today and there seem to be no other vehicle moving on the road because of the unstoppable rains for the whole day. She was already feeling the shiver, the bus stop was not much to accommodate her fully and spare her from getting wet. The chill in the air was adding to the body ache she felt because of the shivering. Who would
believe it was just the most sunny day yesterday. She didn’t like being so vulnerable and weak. She was getting Ill more frequently recently, nothing compared to the fear of dying at any moment. God help her! She sighed silently.

Suddenly, she saw the heads lights coming from the far side of the road. The bus was moving in an unusual speed. She came forward and waved her hands to signal it stop, though it did stop daily anyways, but in case they wouldn’t be able to see her because of the rains. She just couldn’t risk being left out stranded in an empty road at late night on a heavily rainy night.
Zooomm! The bus just sped away. She got haltered on her feet because of the fast speeds and rapidly stepped back. She stood in horror gazing back perplexed at the now moved out of sight bus. The heavy pouring rain seemed to be banging on her head now.

The headache was increasing, but all she was shocked! How can the bus driver and people could have not seen her. She was standing clearly almost in the middle of the road, waving her hand widely enough. They would have seen her clearly enough. Than why didn’t the bus stop? It wasn’t that it was over-rushed, it was almost half empty and whatever so, the bus used to stop daily at this stop, this was a prominent one and knowing that its the last one, the driver always made sure they stopped at each bus stop.

Suddenly the over loud and continuous horn behind her made her turn back..She turned swiftly to see a black Mercedes ready to drive over her, the back window of the car slowly went down, the same piercing eyes with hatred in them was staring at her. He smiled slowly, the same challenging way as if repeating his words, “you’ll have to pay”! And sped off!

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  1. OneLife says:

    You are an incredible story teller. I definitely envy you 😛 .

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  2. OMGG! this post made me sad 😦

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  3. Wonderful story teller!

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  4. shravmusings says:

    Now my hatred has been replaced with sadness for her. You really are an amazing story teller to play with emotions like this.

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  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    What a narration, you had an amazing style of writing, had a great time while reading it!

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  6. I’m intrigued! Will be back for more.


  7. This is getting so interesting that I wish I could binge read all 26 posts now.

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    1. Thanks so much Sonia!


  8. Wonderful story. I wonder how much strength it took to write this because while reading it I had goosebumps.

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    1. Thanks! These compliments keeps me going


  9. vidhya29 says:

    Its a wonderful story!! loved it. loved the way you narrated

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    1. Thank you so much


  10. anecdotesofmylife says:

    You have us all glued for sure 🙂 Gripping storytelling. #BlogchatterA2Z


  11. Arti says:

    I liked your way of storytelling, ended with a suspense.. what’s gonna happen next? 😟🤜


  12. You have amazing narration skills..


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