Enmity beyond limits!

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Sarah stood there perplexed managing to get her wits together. Was it just a coincidence? He was just reading her right? Who can manage to command the bus driver, the local bus driver to avoid the common travellers and move ahead, of course it wasn’t possible. He may be passing by the area and would have seen her running for the bus and getting avoided. That’s why would have taken the chance to scare her, but gentlemen always helped the women in distress, not scare them. But she never mistook this one for a gentleman even in her wildest dreams. He wasn’t going to come back or help her, neither can anyone else. Hence, she have to walk her way back to home now. So what if it was more than 3 kilometres and it was already eleven at night, she was powerful, she have evolved strong in the past years. She have seen worst times than this! But during all those years, she was physically strong. She tried to wipe those tears that rolled out of her eyes and went down her face with the rain water and started walking slowly. She didn’t want to get exhausted in midway by walking too fast,she can take it slowly, calmly and reach home on her own. But one thing was for sure, after Adil khan, she wouldn’t ever forgive this bus driver for her sufferings. The ache in her head has turned major now, but she was still walking and wishing if she could get a cab or a lift till home.

“She’s here sir!” The driver told Adil Khan who was busy smoking on the back seat of the car. “should I call her for a lift sir?” The driver was about to signal her. “Wait! Do only what you are asked to do. Let her go ahead and follow her slowly, she shouldn’t know we are behind her.” He snarled at his driver which left the driver thinking how cruel his boss can be. He thought his boss was going to give a lift to this girl, that’s why they were standing since half an hour of the sideroad in the heavy rains. But all he wanted was to follow this drenched girl who looked like she could collapse at any moment. Adil Khan felt glad watching her drag herself on the other side of the road. Once she swayed lightly in air but clasped the nearby tree branch for support. She sat under that tree for some moments, pressed her forehead with her fingers and then got up slowly and started walking again. She was taking baby steps now, at intervals turning back as if she could find a lift for herself and then again continued walking slowly. Her clothes were stucked on her body now, hair all clunged on her shoulders stickily, she looked stack white. For once he felt something for her, sympathy may be? But now, she was not someone waiting for sympathy, she have attacked him and she will have to pay for her action. After all, it took quite a planning to get the bus move on without stopping. He smirked while he took another long breath in as he smoked.

He left from a late meeting from his clients and due to the heavy rains, his driver took this short cut to reach at his bungalow. They were driving slowly because of the heavy downpour when he caught a glimpse of her walking towards the bus stand and glancing at her watch. He knew she may be waiting for her next bus, it was already late and she was alone at the bus stand. The local buses used to shut after 11, so it was sure this bus she was waiting was would be the last one for today. The wicked man in him thought about it deeply, “what if she misses the bus and walks her way back home?” He smiled wickedly. This road wasn’t much active during night, it was sure she won’t be able to get a lift. “Let’s do it Adil khan!” He challenged himself to do it again. He called up his PA, “I want to know at what time does the last bus arrive at DY road? And I want the answer in minutes, got it?” And with in two minutes his phone ringed back, “Ok! Driver, take a u turn now and stop at the middle of the previous alley now!” He commanded immediately after ending the call. He just had two minutes if he wanted to do something to stop the bus. His driver started to say something, but knew better than that.

He turned back in a rapid speed at stopped right in the middle of the turn of the alley. “Sir, this can be dangerous, you know any vehicle passing from here can crash on us, it would be deadly for all of us.” The driver was quite worried and tried to explain him. “I know that! You don’t worry, just stop here till I signal further.” Within minutes a fast moving bus stopped with high freaks of break just behind them and the agitated driver came out from the driving seat. He was about to shout at the driver when the backseat window glass opened up half and a bundle of notes came from there. “Take this, don’t stop at the next bus stand, move on with your regular speed from there.” The driver seemed to be puzzled now, “but what if someone’s waiting there, you know it’s the last bus for today.” “Of course there’s someone standing there, I want you to avoid her and go on with your route”. “Is it her? A lady, But I can’t do that, how can a lady reach her destination at this hour of night if the last bus doesn’t stop? I can’t cheat sorry.” He dropped the money on the back seat and returned back. “Ok, if you won’t do this, I’ll call the police saying you banged my car and it damaged it severely, you know what will happen to you then?” He called from behind. “you can’t do this?” The driver turned around quickly. “Try me!” He smirked.

Next part coming tomorrow……

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Monster he is!

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    1. Lol! There’s more to him


  2. Hmmm… Poor girl! Karma won’t leave him.

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    1. Let’s see!!!


  3. Wait, is he for real? What happens next 🤔

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    1. You just couldn’t expect anything else from him


  4. Akanksha M says:

    This is getting interesting by the day. Hooked!

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  5. I’m waiting to know what’s happening next. You have got me hooked on to the story Saba.


  6. Great going Saba. Waiting for the following chapters.


  7. Pinakin says:

    this is getting really interesting,he is like a modern version of Jeffery barthion from GOT.


  8. vidhya29 says:

    An interesting post! loved it


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