Falling apart…!

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Sara dragged her feet. She was just an alley away from home. She have been walking continuesly for almost two hours now. It was nearly 1AM at night and the roads were all still silent. She was all soaked in the rain water, but still her throat was all dry because of the continues effort. The effort she have been putting, taking each step after giving herself the confidence that’s it’s gonna be over soon. Suddenly she didn’t wanted to live at all.

She really felt just like the road, her life would be ending soon, the sufferings would soon end. She can than relax in her grave, so what if she could never enjoy what other young girls of her age did, she would be deep in the soils getting calm after these years of sufferings. They always said, there’s always relief after sufferings, but for her, it will be only after her death. She was actually crying between these thoughts. Finally, beyond the alley, she saw her home, her sweet home and suddenly she got the energy to walk a little more faster. She took huge steps towards her home when suddenly she felt the whole world rotating in front of her. She tried to get hold of something but her hand just waved in the hair and thud! She felt with a huge bump on the roadside pavement. The pain on her forehead was sharp, as if someone has banged it deliberately, she tried to get up, but the pain on her forehead made it impossible and she was once again dizzy. She tried getting up in a sitting position but again went down this time the forehead getting hurt again on the road. She started weeping with misery. Life has been cruel with her, but nothing was more worst than she lying in a puddle of dirt on the road at midnight in a stormy, rainy night.

After several minutes and much efforts she dragged herself just like she was, in the sitting position and started towards the house. Gradually, just beside the gate, she clasped the gate and taking its support stood up. She unlocked the gate with much difficulty and soon she was in her small heaven. She felt as if she has got a life after death. Though now the pain in the head has been severe and the shivering and fever had now clutched her fully and she was filled in mud and dirt but she was at home. This home has once again gathered her scattered personality together. She clunged to the gate as if the a child holds her mother and started crying loudly, “I love you! I would never let you go off. You are the only one I have got to support me, you are my everything.” Her tears were unstoppable now.

Far away just beyond some blocks the driver of the black Mercedes was thinking,” How cruel a man can be! I am sure the devil has got a tight competition with this rascal.” He had suggested thrice to speak to his boss about giving
the girl a lift or atleast help her get some other conveyance, but it was crushed with a rough remark from his boss. When she was about to fall, he literally risked his job by opening the front door to help her, but the man again held him back with his strong voice. “Let her be on her own self”. “But sir, we can’t see her in this condition doing nothing, she’s looking fragile.” He tried to convince him once again. “Don’t worry, she won’t die!” He said and continued to stare straight ahead of him without any reaction.

He have been following her slowly since two hours, his driver have been impatient, but he didn’t care. He wanted to follow her, not to help her, but to plan his next move against her and enjoy the result of his today’s plans. He saw her almost dragging herself all the way, occassionally taking the support of a tree or a car for support and sometimes sit on a small bench available on the sides of the roads. She was without any rainwear and hence all soaked. Then she went down falling, he missed a beat when he saw her clasping for support, may be he should go out and help, she has come across all the way on her own, but his ego took a stand just then. Forcing him to watch her fall and even stop his driver from helping her. She deserved this punishment, after all she have slapped Adil Khan. And then, the cruel Adil Khan was again in his best form, planning his next strategy against the drenched girl in front of him. “Hmmm, who clings to a gate and hugs it as if it’s a pet or parent, so let’s test this love too!” When the black Mercedes took a U turn from this alley, his eyes had a sharp glint in them.

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  1. Couldn’t wait for the next part, so stayed up late to read what the devil Adil Khan is upto next. Waiting for Monday now.

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    1. Thanks for Reading


  2. Akanksha M says:

    Okay, this does not sound going the way I was predicting. I have faith in Sara though. Waiting for next part!

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    1. Ohh i missed the initial four. Going back to the start. This is very gripping.

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      1. Thanks please do


      2. I am also trying my hand at fiction for the first time. Do visit my blog.

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  3. Life is so cruel! I know she will regain her strength and stand in front of him. I’m just waiting for that part!

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  4. I first read the fifth part and then I was so inquisit that I hopped on to previous parts. So well expressed . Life is so hard

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    1. Thanks so much


  5. vidhya29 says:

    I am loving these stories!!! loved it

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  6. anecdotesofmylife says:

    Building up the tempo…when is the crescendo??


  7. Love the way you get the readers involved.

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  8. shravmusings says:

    Loved the way you are getting me hooked to the story every day

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    1. Thanks so much!


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