Glitched guests!

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She had a drastic headache the next day! Her whole body was in pains and weakness was prevailing because of the high fever. She didn’t even have the courage to wake up and test it with a thermometer. Thank God it was a Sunday and there was no office today. Otherwise her boss would have definitely frowned upon her late attendance. She glided back to sleep again for some time.

After sleeping for more than two hours again, she had some courage to prepare herself a decent egg meal, coffee and have those medicines which she should not miss at any cost any day. The fever seem to have subsided a little but the weakness did held her even now. She relaxed on her second hand brought sofa for a while, closing her eyes and thinking about the past days and those events which made them totally unbearable for her. Adil Khan’s face seemed to come in her mind clear with those fiery eyes as if saying, “what ever that goes wrong in your life, I am behind it!” she frowned deeply, just the thought of him made her weak again. No, not weak, she shouldn’t be weak in front of him, it was he who had done wrong, not her. Why should she be weak, he was an animal, a ruthless animal. But rich and handsome none the less. She remembered his black Mercedes and the authority in which he used to be on the backseat of the car. “If his car is such a royalty, I wonder how his home would be”.
She thought about a royal Prince type of a bungalow for him overlooking a lush garden and with lavish rooms and a grand master bedroom. And then she looked around her own house. A small one BHK flat with all the necessities in it, yet simple, organised and neat. She rarely had any furnitures here. Just a single bed, a small sofa and a cupboard with a dressing table. Even for these she had to save for months and finally she got them from a used furniture’s shop. She remembered being the most happiest when she had finally made a home for herself, though rented, but it valued.

She was busy deep in those thoughts when she heard a harsh knocking on her door. Strange, no one came to her normally, she hardly knew anyone around. Apart from the owner who lived next doors, no one knocked at her door. May be it would be the owner, needing something. She stood and went slowly to open the door. She was right. It was the owner of the house. “Hello, mr. Pinto, do you need anything?” She never had a friendly relation with her owner, just the rent and business talk of the house. Hence, she directly asked him the purpose of visiting the place. “Oh yes! I want my house back!” He simply replied. But this reply gave Sarah a huge jerk.” You wwhat? But we had a contract for a year and you said we can increase the time of it if I want to continue and didn’t needed the house anyways apart for the rents?’ she asked him. But she was under a huge shock.

“Well, I said so! But now I want money, and this man here is giving me double the rate of my house, so why would I hold back?” He shrugged and pointed a thumb towards his shoulder. She glanced towards that direction to see the man who was ready to buy her beloved home in double rates from the owner.

And there he was, staring squarely at her with those rim glasses, looking more attractive with the addition of these glasses.Her throat went dry. She was dumbly staring at them standing right on the doorsteps when Mr. Pinto asked roughly, “now lady, if you don’t mind, I want to show him the place around?* Without waiting for her reply, she entered the house from the sideways. Mr. Khan following him swiftly but stopping for a second just beside her, removing those glasses and giving her the look, that repeated his challenge, she was paying it off!

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  1. Ufff! Will this end or not 😦 Kick him off the story.

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    1. Lol …can’t do that!! ::)))


  2. OneLife says:

    You can write a book of short stories Saba. You really have that appeal.

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    1. Thank you so much


  3. Goodness me. This Khan deserves one tight slap on his face. Pls give it to him in the next post.

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    1. Lol… get ready for a twist soon


  4. I just read this. I am going to read other parts as well. You have written very well.

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    1. Yes, please punch him in your next post 👊 btw you are going great! 😊

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      1. Thanks and you’ll fall in hateful love with him soon


    2. Thank you so much


  5. shravmusings says:

    You have to teach Adhil a nice lesson in your next post

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  6. vidhya29 says:

    a wonderful post again! loved it

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