5 comfy wear for men to beat summers with style!

Trends are fluctuating, style remains the same! And with the changing season, we have whole new set of fashion revolution peeping in! So, it’s spring round the corner and summer soon following by! We are sure all you boys and men out there are eager to embrace this twist in temperature with a comfortable and fashionable attires! So, ready for some ideas? Here you go!

1. The cool pale colours of t-shirts for men

Get comfy and catchy this summer by wearing some pale colours of t-shirts in various patterns! The material can be the stretchable plaster cotton or simply the all time favourite spandex – it suits all your mood and makes you look impressive and remarkable too! The famous patterns trending this season is ruled or boho style figures!

2. The pure cotton comfortable pyjamas to chill out

You definitely can’t wear the polyester or thick track pants everywhere when the sun is too hard and the nights are really warm! So, what’s the catch here? Well, the cool and comfortable pure cotton track pyjamas from the XYXX Crew! The track pants from their collection are available in variants of wonderful patterns and pleasant colours which are sure to complement any kind of summer look you try and make you look super hot!

3. Wear subtle cotton to work

Summer doesn’t mean that office isn’t happening! In fact the work increases and you have to be comfortable, cool and pleasant all day long under the scorching sun. So, the answer is to tuck your dark shades of polyester and silk shirts somewhere deep in your wardrobe and opt for only the pure cotton shirts in lighter shades for your work! There are attractive shades of pink, blue, white, peach and other pastel shades that look so fabulous in formal patterns that you can carry so well with a darker tone of trouser to your office in summers.

4. Boxes shorts to relax during summers

Boxer shorts have been in trends since years. And especially the summer days and nights feel all the more comfortable in these. But if you opt for pure cotton boxers in attractive patterns from XYXX Crew then it’s surely going to make you feel most comfortable and even pleasant looking. And what’s more, you can even team it with any kind of tee and present the world with a new seasonal trend for summer!

5. men’s summer pants look so fascinating

Summer pants with cotton or polyester cotton with loose fit look so pleasant on any shirt. And if you are opting for the trending shades like beige, sky blue, green or cream, then your summer look would certainly be the most impressive.

Impressed with the list already? Well, it’s time to grab these from the ongoing summer/spring season and flaunt your style once again!

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