Beauty product review – skin tint from Just Herbs!

Today, chemical and harsh ingredients are found in almost all items. From your staple food products to the cosmetics that you use! And we all know it’s harsh effects on our health and skin. But thanks to our Google bro, we are getting aware of it gradually and getting rid of such products with harmful products. But aren’t you concerned about what would happen next? Obviously, when we have just quit the chemical based items from our life, we require to exchange it with herbal, skin friendly and natural items which aren’t going to harm us in any ways but serving the purpose of their usage as well! So, we have got one such brand to try – it’s Just Herbs!

Picture credit – Just Herbs

About Just Herbs!

If you are totally obsessed about everything organic, natural, light and harmless, then you just can’t not have Just Herbs in your collection. It’s an Indian company making some bespoke cosmetics and skin friendly items from the knowledge of the eternal, Ayurveda. The natural and pure ingredients are guaranteed to be very mild and light on your skin but they definitely are effective as well. So, let us tell you what we tried from their astounding collection.

Skin Tint from Just Herbs

Well, I tried the Skin Tint from Just Herbs in the Ivory 1 shade. It matched my skin perfectly and provides maximum coverage of the dark spots and pimple on your face when you are applying it. The smooth layer that it forms on the skin is totally glowing and amazing. Just a little bit of it is enough to provide an enhanced and smoother look on your face.

Absolutely natural and pure!

Skin Tint from Just Herbs is entirely herbal with natural. Ayurvedic ingredients like the Indian Kudzu, Javitri, Usheer, Manjistha, Madhika, etc. Yes, it contains vegetable glycerine and butter as well along with some other ingredients. But you can be well assured that it’s paraben free, has no mineral oil and is around 99.2% natural.

Our take on Skin Tint!

We are super impressed with its usage and the lovely smooth layer it forms on the skin. Would highly recommend you if you have a normal skin. (Their website has other products and shades for different skin types as well.) Just pick the one that suits you most and get ready to bang on your audience with an enhanced finish and beautiful look!

Also check out, Just Herbs’ Valentine’s Store – Organic Beauty Products Collection for best products to use or gift at this Valentine’s Day.

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