Breaking top 4 myths about palm oil!

Heard about palm oil yet? Well, we are sure you would have! It’s the most commonly used versatile oil available around the globe. But most prominently, you’ll find its rising usage in the Asian countries. And if you ask us, almost every packaged product that you are presently using in your home contains palm oil.

  • What exactly is palm oil?

Palm oil, as the name specifies is a type of oil derived from the fruits of palm tree. And these oil are processed from the fruits to make an excellent kind of oil that stays intact in any kind of temperature.

  • Why palm oil?

Well, if you ask us why should you use palm oil or why almost half the world is crazy about this oil, it’s because it’s resistant to oxidation and grant your products a better shelf life. It’s also extremely healthy with the right cholesterol content. Furthermore, it has a distinct property of staying spreadable even at a high temperature and that’s why gives your fries and food a nice crunchy texture. (Well, palm oil is odorless and tasteless which also is a great benefit of it that makes it universally acceptable.)

  • The myths about palm oil!

We just hate myths! These have the tendency to spoil the reputation of even products and brands and people are actually deprived of using them. (Which obviously leads to a huge loss for the common people.) And that’s the reason breaking these myths is so important. So, just read below about these useless myths and listen to us- don’t believe in them! Instead, verify your facts properly and accordingly take the needful steps.

  • Myth 1 — palm oil lead to deforestation— Like really? From when did human become so considerate to quit using paper, hardwood floor, leather, wood in their lifestyle to think that palm oil is leading to deforestation? Having said that, please understand that it’s the fastest and largest growing plant on the planet and using this tree or plant oil isn’t going to effect nature too immensely. And thanks to the manufacturers, they grow these trees once again thoughtfully so that these don’t extinct any time soon.
  • Myth 2 —Palm oil is unhealthy — If you are believing this myth, then you haven’t got your facts right yet. We request you to please check the cholesterol and nutrition content written on the packs of these oil before believing such myths. Palm oil on the contrary can be very healthy and beneficial for your health with the right amount of cholesterol and nutrients.
  • Myth 3 You can use palm oil only in food — This is a very constraint definition of palm oil and absolutely a false information. It can be used in all kinds of products which can be a cosmetic, perfume, spray, etc.
  • Myth 4 Palm oil isn’t sustainable— We understand that almost all of you are in favor of sustainability in each products. And don’t worry, palm oil doesn’t harm anything in the environment and is totally sustainable and eco-friendly option. So, use it without guilt.
  • How did I break the myths about palm oil?

Like you, even I was somehow caught up by these myths about palm oil and was reluctant to try it. But thankfully, I recently attended a virtual event hosted by Dr. Bhavna Shah, Country head, regional director of Malaysian Palm oil Council. She was truly amazing and clear in her explanations and helped us understand that all such myths are baseless and palm oil was and is a beneficial component of nature to use.

  • My take on palm oil!

After attending this online webinar and verifying all those facts with good resources, I am satisfied that I am not doing anything wrong in trying palm oil. This is actually a great product to try and include in your lifestyle.

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