Is increasing followers on Instagram all? What dies your business need more to grow!

So, are you always running after increasing your followers? Does the cont of 50k or 1M impress you? But remember, just like age, even followers are only numbers on Instagram. Large number of followers doesn’t mean long exposure and good customers.
We know as small business persons, your only goal is to increase your sales and profits. And probably that is why you are always on the struggle to increase your followers. But today, we tried to break this ice myth by bringing forward some really strong and powerful facts about it. These would halt you on your steps and make you wander, are growing followers everything?

🚫 Do you know that 70% followers you have are sleeping followers? Yes, regardless of your follower count, almost more than half of your followers are either aren’t active on Instagram or don’t get to see your stories and posts due to the Instagram algorithm.

🚫If you have a business account, Instagram pushes more accounts to follow you than it does to private and personal ones! (May be because Instagram today is more inclined towards getting all the business listed on it. Presently it’s third in the list- first is Facebook, second linked!)

🚫We all have almost 8% of fake followers on our profiles. Be it you, or me of some celeb, they won’t even know, but there are some good amount of fake profiles on everyone’s accounts and though you follow them organically, there is no way to point out and get rid of these followers.

🚫 If you have a business website, immediately connect it to Instagram because almost 29% of your visitors and potential customers check your page to get a better viedd was of your offerings.

🚫 lots of followers doesn’t mean lots of customers! Yes, Instagram is a great medium for advertising, but it certainly can’t change your viewers into customers. That’s only done if you reach the one who’s interested in your genre of business and is enticed by your posts and stories.

🚫You actually gain a lot by giving away! Giveaways are tending post pandemic and can actually bring your business lots of customers and exposure! (Big only if you do it rightly)

So, now you know that the race of scoring high in Instagram isn’t all about followers count. It’s about gaining maximum customers and that happens only if you provide really dramatic content in your account or page. Also, the better exposure you achieve in your page, the more customers you get through word out mouth! Yes, without the the references of word of mouth, even a super strong medium like Instagram can’t prove worthy to you.

Well, now just go on concentrate on getting maximum exposure for your business and be practical when dealing with your advertisements. Hope this post helps!!

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