Try these home décor items to adorn your living room this Diwali

Festivities are knocking your door. Let’s get ready with all your elegant to welcome it after the depressing celebration last year. (We had a pandemic that forced us to spend the festivities at home.) Now, as usual you will have the guest pouring in your house with all the sweets and wearing glamorous cloths. Obviously, you have to do the pre- Diwali deep cleaning in your home. After doing that, comes the role of your lounging or living room. This is the place where you entertain your guests and spend hours discussing your whereabouts. Want to make this room look fascinating in front of your guests? Then keep reading.

  • A statement sofa set — Make your living room the most comfortable space in your living room. Choose the one that matches your interiors perfectly and is large enough to fit in your guests comfortably. The colour should obviously be positive and pleasant enough to spruce beauty of the room and the shape as admirable and unique as you can pick. Ensure that this piece elaborates your tremendously making it your perfect addition in the house.
  • Some green effect — A splash of green never hurts. In fact, this adds the perfect touch of serenity in your living room. Won’t your living room look extremely admirable in this addition? You can select the artificial greens in the form of creepers or leaves or even flowers. Or if you can maintain, try using the fresh green effect in your place. Place them on the coffee table or simply at any of the side of this room, the charm would be unbeatable.
  • An ottoman pouf — A pouf looks extremely stylish and versatile in your living room. You can match it perfectly with the chic and contemporary décor theme. If you get this in some vibrant colours, you will certainly add vigour and charm to your living room.
  • An admirable book shelf —A bookshelf to show off your favourite set of reading love is definitely much needed and sophisticated addition in your living room. It can be as simple that you can install it on the wall or as elaborative as you can add as a fine furniture in your room. Just make sure that whatever design and colour you choose has the power to make this mini library look totally out of the place in your house.
  • A nice, plush coffee table — This Diwali, serve the snacks on a nice snd style but classy coffee table or tipoy. If this is made up of glass and has legs of wood or steel, you will feel the royalty in your house and even your guests would love to snack on this magnificent table.
  • An oversized art —An art piece and that too oversized one seems the perfect addition to glorify your décor. Your living room would certainly seem the most fabulous space in the house with the right painting of abstract art or a lovely family portrait.

With all these items, add some bright lights, colorful rangoli and some scented candles or diyas in the living room to your make guests admire your choices and love of art.

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  1. Surely looking to add some green elements to my living room for a quick makeover. I just love your inspo and those fab pics will act as my idea board now 🙂


  2. nsahermahdi says:

    I want that book shelf 😢


  3. Aesha says:

    Superb list. I particularly liked the ottoman pouf and of course the bookshelf.


  4. Neha Sharma says:

    I love adding fresh greens to my living room, it enhances the overlook look. Thanks for some lovely ideas.


  5. Michael Mary says:

    That is very valuable … here I also find some informative blogs related to Home Decor, which I share with you


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