Destressing lives … a step to kill stress !!

Who doesn’t want to remain stressless and carefree ..isn’t it why we mostly wish to go back in time to our childhood .. coz the magical feeling of the carefree life and sleep is the one which doesn’t come back ever in our life !


In the rush of all the stress and tortures in our life ..the peaceful we is lost somewhere in this crowd .so , in order to get that relaxed feeling sometimes we try small petty techniques to destress ourselves !
Often I experience the same feeling due to the immence pressures of domestic and financial life give my cent percent in all phases of my life .. to try to make myself and others happy even I often feel that stressed feeling which sometimes leave me wanting to give up everything and just have a huge break !


Here are some of the ways through which I try destressing myself…
Music is proved to relieve 70%of the stress and calm our uneven nerves remarkably ..well this is what it does to me too .. sometimes I just lie down somewhere peaceful listening to my favourite soft music or even jagjit singhs gazal sometimes ..especially the koi fariyaad tere dip me dabi ho jaese is my all time favourite and soothing one .. the mesmerising effect it has on my mood and feelings is just so charismatic !


Sometimes I just want to forget everything about myself and people around me ..and that could only be possible if I get immersed in to an entire new world consisting of entirely new and unknown people ..yes that’s what I do ..I open one  of my novels ..Of course only fiction ones and mills and boons being my all time favourite amongst it !
The light tet-tet encounters with two amazing people always destined to meet each other in the end and that too with a happy note !
Perfect gives me the fulfilling feeling that at least there’s something happy in the world somewhere. .even if its in the pages of a book !


Some days I just get up and leave whatever I am doing and get out of my house ..walk to the near by garden ..kick of my shoes .. and take a long soothing walk on the soft green grass of the park!


It’s so soothing ..the feel of the vibrating grasses beneath your feet and some cool fresh breeze tantalising my feelings. . The sweet fragrance of breeze and trees offering freshness to its chore .And when I pair it with my headphones clinging on my ears and good music pouring it adds cream to the cake !


Regular yoga is also a great stress killer!  When you practice certain aasthas and give up thinking practical just medidate to feel the pure and serene world around you … it offers great relief from all the worldly stresses , health and a complete happy feeling in the end !


Sometimes all these remedies are not enough ..and sometimes just a simple but firm oil chumpy or massage on your hair does wonders to kill out the stress and get a peaceful sleep or a better day ahead ! I personally try it out with a gentle exercise of my head with fingers accompanied by small doses or hair oil when and where necessary .. it soothes my nerves alott and gives me that refreshing feeling of what come by .. I am prepared for it now !
Or sometimes when granny or mum does it .. it just leaves me soo calm and cool and relieved!


These simple things helps me a lot in relieving stress and facing all situations afresh .. we all need someof this tips to tackle those everyday crises and problems .you may have that too let me know some of those in the comments below ..let’s all share our stress relievers and may be help someone else adapt that too!‘I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda !
You can watch this video for some motivation too

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  1. anirudhs2009 says:

    To start with one of my stress busters is reading random blog posts, and this post did help me in that part.
    Music is a universal stress buster for all, i too have some selective music which helps me.
    I can totally relate to your love for reading, it truly is a way tk escape from all worldly worries and venture into the world of fiction…for you its Mills & Boons, for me its any Sidney Sheldon book or sometimes Goosebumps…this book series helps me tk revisit those days of reading from my childhood..
    I had fun reading this post…
    keep blogging 🙂

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  2. Saachi Garg says:

    Massages!! One of the best ways to de-stress!

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  3. Those are some great tips to de-stress. My de-stress mantra is …
    Take The Stairs – Click Away – De-Clutter – Watch A Tear-Jerker – Head To The Spa

    Do take time to read my post here…

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  4. These are fabulous tips. I usually de-stress by taking a long shower and then curling up in bed with watching a comedy. This is a sure shot way to help me relax and #SlowDownZindagi.


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