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A small new cafe is making quite a lot of buzz in the city! The cosy little place at Lokhandwala, Andheri has a reputation for serving some really unique and amazing tasting burgers. So, I did hear, but the confirmation was done when I visited the same yesterday.

he ambience is good if you love outdoor seating because in seating isn’t available for more than two individuals. I liked the honesty in their menu wherein most of the items are named on honesty.

For appetizers, I ordered fish fingers. The crisp layer of soft fish was extremely tasty with some really tasty masala topped with it. Another one being their signature special, I ordered Maggie cheese fingers. A crisp and yummy finger that included Maggie noodle and cheese in it. (I would recommend you to have this for sure).

In burgers, we had masala chicken crunch burger. A huge burger with the crispest chicken I have ever had and some yummy veggies along with perfect sauces. This ones also a recommended item from their menu.


he one burger for which I would love to give them a plus star is, beefy beef overload. A super huge burger that consists of soft well-cooked beef, chicken salami, cheese and egg indulged in savoury sauces. This is enough to fill a person even if you don’t have anything else. It’s super yummy and must have if you visit honest buns at Lokhandwala.

For drinks, do try their popcorn shake. It was recommended by the person in charge, and I simply loved the unique and amazing taste of it.

Green apple cooler was refreshing and tasted lovely with the authentic taste of green apple all crushed in ice and served chilled. Try it, if you love your mocktail cool.

In all, I would rate this place a 5/5 because of their great and distinct taste of delicacies. A must recommended place as a connoisseur on zomato.

P.S. – A small request for all you foodies, please don’t waste food. Order only as much as you can eat. And secondly, if it’s left out, donate it to poor or keep it for strays on the way. Read why over here.

Why waste when someone can’t even taste! #SuperBloggerchallenge2018

A silent message to humanity!

It was the fourth round of the seven course lavish meal, huge chunks of chicken, fish, prawns and duck meat piled up in each plate. The guests holding the plates seem to be more interested in their conversations rather than the food varieties on their plates. The gravies half spilled on the floor, some on their plates and more on the serving bowls were more or less untouched. There lay piled up in different rice plates almost four types of biryanies, fried rice and noodles. But guests just went on with the routine of taking it on their plates and tasting just one or two spoons and left the rest in the plates that was taken to the dustbins from there onwards.

On the other hand Priya was busy staring other kids having their lunch during the recess break at school. Even she was feeling the churning in her tummy, but since it was 28th of the month, maa told,”eat this khichdi tummy full before you go to school, for four days from now, I won’t be able to give you anything for your lunch box. Even bhaiya and didi manage without their tiffins. You can also try. Come home, then I’ll heat the khichdi again for you, you can have that, ok dear?” This was the story of each month. Either by 28, or 29 each month, the chapati she would else take in her lunch box couldn’t be made because babuji was a clerk and his nominal salary hardly stretched so far. After the bell rang, the children rushed back to the class after having their lunch in the ground. She started running towards the ground and picked up the scattered biscuit packets, some of them had half or quarter biscuits in them, she ate them all greedily hiding from all the people around in the corner of the ground. With teary eyes she thought, when will the day come when even she can bring biscuits to school? For sure, she would share it with her friend who couldn’t bring that so that no other chutki has to rumble up the garbage for it.

Once again today, mamta and his husband mahesh went to bed with an empty tummy. Mamta being a house maid and mahesh being a cobbler could only afford plain cooked rice to be eaten with water. Their preparations was enough to feed their two kids everyday and them thrice a week. Still, they were happy that atleast their kids don’t have to sleep hungry today.

Meanwhile, far in the line of slums, gauri was trying hard to feed her baby, she was breastfeeding him. The baby was crying too much, he couldn’t get any feed from her mother. Tears of helplessness flew from gauri’s eyes. She was trying so hard to feed her baby, her only child, just a few months old. But, how can she do so when she herself haven’t eaten just more than a plain bread since three days. God, if she only she can do anything just anything to make some feed available for her baby. Even after an hour of trying desperately hard, his baby was crying more loudly now. He has been trying to get feed since morning and finally, the wailing stopped. But the child wouldn’t move. She screamed,” tai, maasi, please come fast! Just see munna isn’t moving, he is not crying anymore tai.” And soon there was a rush of people holding the screaming gauri away from her dead baby. The baby that died after crying for hours for few drops of milk but couldn’t get it because his mother haven’t had food for days.

Today, when we eat those extra spoons of delicacies inspite of being too full, don’t we remember there are millions of children not getting their basic share of 3 meals a day! When we waste plates full of meals in a wedding, don’t we know there are girls who can’t get married because their parents can’t afford to afford wedding meal for the baraties in the wedding! When we throw away the plastic bags that contains the remains of our daily meals, don’t we remember those kids who tear these bags at late night and greedily have whatever it contains! When we go to a restaurant and leave the unfinished meal for the waiters to throw away in dustbins, dont we remember those mothers who wait outside those restaurants just to get those food from them in the form of charity!

As a food blogger, I request you all to take in the silent message in this blog and do consider for these people the next time you have a heart filled meal. For us, meals are what satisfies our heart, not something that satisfies our hunger! We often eat out of temptation rather due to hunger. For us, the feeling of hunger ain’t pain, rather it’s a daily routine. For some, hunger is a pain, the cure of which they hardly get. From now onwards, let’s have food as a need rather than luxury. Let’s indulge in eating process without going through the sin of wasting it. Let’s not waste food anymore, let the meal of others reach them through our little efforts. Each efforts counts, let’s put in our little efforts to bring out this desirable change in society.

Save a life today, donate food or don’t waste it because your feed is someone else’s need today!

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Beat stress and anxiety naturally!

Busy we, busy lifestyle and busy the world around us! The time for relaxing, reading, napping or just silently talking to ourselves isn’t sparred any more, let alone the thought of spending some quality time sharing our ups and downs with friends. The truth is, we the creators of machines, have turned in to a machine in the course of time. Working for regular hours in the offices, later bot finishing off the pending work and taking the same at home and not to forget the piles of domestic work to be done too. It isn’t any matter of gender. Nowadays, both men and women, office workers and home makers seem to lack time for any of their personal matters. This, is what leads to a person being stressed!

When we know we can’t finish the pending works on deadlines, when we know even if we rush, we just couldn’t reach a place on time. When we from within know very well we just can’t open and start up the hobby ideas we resolved to do during new year even though we will be trying a lot. This is what causes maximum anxiety and stress.

Well, there are innumerable stress relievers in the market.Each one of them ranging from cheap prices to highest range of money. But we know very well that using them solely wouldn’t destress us, rather, it may increase it because of their huge pressure on your budget. You may get a temporary solution to your stress and anxiety through them, but inside you know that you have to do something to destress in the most natural way.

Now, let’s jump to the cause of it. The main cause of stress is not getting time to do what we want to do on time, so make sure we change a little bit of our sleep habits, a little bit of our mobile habits, little bit of our daily routine to make some more room for time so that we can finish those work before time. The other solution is the simple thing that never postpone your today’s work for tomorrow. This leads to piling up our work and in the end we don’t finish up doing it. So, make sure you finish your daily target on the same day.

Make a rough schedule of your daily activities and try to follow it religiously. This will help you deal with situations better.

Open up your old novels that are still waiting to be read by a book lover sleeping deep inside you. Wake up that painter in you who loves playing with colours. Let’s bring that music lover inside you who is living in silence since ages. Bake some cakes and prepare deiceous treats to let the world know you have a hidden chef inside you. In short, give some time to your hobbies. They will relieve you like never before. Try it!

Lie down on your back and loosely close your fists, just like a baby does! Let’s stop clasping things in our hands tightly, let it all go, you need some space in life, let the waste go, detox your thoughts as you loosely close your eyelids while you lie down. It’s ok if you take a nap, this will surely refresh you.

Give in to your cravings. Go and have that huge cheesy burger you were eyeing since days! Let maturity take a step behind, it’s not good to always stay practical and health conscious, sometimes, life needs a cheat. And believe me, this cheat during stress will make you more happy and healthy. Yes, because minding your diet too strictly can cause a lot of stress too. So, let’s take a break and have your favourite dessert you want.

Remember the old days, when we used to be too much tensed during exams times, our mums used to give us a good oil massage! This, is what needed even today. You can use any oil and slowly massage it with light fingers through your scalp pressing on temple points. This will give you great relief.

Take a long bath or shower using your Favourite fragrances. This will soothe and relax you instantly and will refresh you in the most pleasant way.

Keep aside your mobile for a while, call your bestie or sister or mum through landline. Or just switch off the WiFi and call them from your cell. Talk to them, chat endlessly and have fun. Plan a good time together for tea or ice cream treat and make some way for happiness in your life.

Go for a short stroll around some greenery in your area or plan a short/long vacation. Whichever you can afford. Spend some time away from those stress boosters and get the energy you need to tackle with them from that time on.

Put on your favourite song, listen to some music of your choice, humm along, let your senses rest and get the peace they desire.

These are some natural ways that may not tax your daily schedule and leave some space for me time in your life. Hence, de-stressing you, in the most easiest way. Apart From these, you may get attracted to anti destress drugs, perfumes or rehab centres for that matter. But, I personally think, these are only temporary solutions. The more you twist and turn your daily lifestyle and make way for the stress relievers from within your daily routine, the more are your chances of getting a stress and anxiety less lifestyle ahead! So, let’s not waste more of your precious time, let’s start from now and help yourself the best way!

Let me know in the comments below which step from above are you trying today!!

Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

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21st century and the rapidly progressing society! The most versatile generation in the human history. The generation that have acquired almost everything in the least amount of time and is striving more on this field. The generation that follows trend religiously well even when it’s for a short period of time and still changing with the times and trends accordingly.

In this century, where nothing last longer than just a few months, the trend or habit of sheesha have proclaimed it’s position for longer than expected and the craze for the same being increasing day by day. The non cigarette addiction that has proudly replaced cigarettes in the society, seems to have broken all the barriers and is minding each of our lives.

When on one hand we are spreading the message of quitting smoking on all social media platforms because it contains tobacco and prove dangerous for your lungs, we proudly flaunt our 3 to 4 feet high sheesha and blow away the warnings in the smoke of it being dangerous too.

Haven’t we all read the warnings printed on all the Flavour boxes that says it contains tobacco and can cause cancer? Still, no one seems to take it as dangerous! Why? Because sheesha is now each ones need on a daily basis lifestyle. The addiction that follows it is another major hazard that we tend to avoid. We all know whatever causes an addiction in human body is dangerous and needs to be avoided. But still, the addiction of sheesha seems to be a class statement and something to be proud of.

What’s more, while cigarettes and alcohol are allowed only after a certain age in our society, sheesha is easily accessible to all age groups. From school kids to women, seniors citizens or house wives, everyone flaunts their sheesha selfie proudly on social media sites with loads of smoke being giving out in public. Isn’t this smoke as hazardous as the smoke of those cigarettes being smoked. It becomes more serious when we know that each wedding or social function includes sheesh too as part of the food being arranged for the guest. Hence, indirectly giving a hand in increasing this addiction. Even restaurants and food places are being granted it’s license by the state. And nothing could be compared to this that each home today has a sheesha at home, thus making it more easily accessible to minors too.

What we need to think is, though we are not smoking cigarette directly, s are replacing the same with sheesha, aren’t we being prone to a more dangerous situation than we already were in? We can easily satisfy our inner self that we didn’t intake tobacco, but aren’t the tons of flavour’s that we blend in to smoke are more hazardous than the tobacco.

Today, when the whole generation is crazily following the dangerous trend of sheesha and not even considering it as dangerous, isn’t it our duty to let them stop from consuming this slow poison? Can’t we just make them aware that whatever they are consuming can also cause cancer, lung diseases and much much more. The huge antic pieces of sheesha that they so very proudly flaunt on their divans are actually going to harm or even kill their kids, women and themselves too. Isn’t it our duty to let them understand that underage kids smoking sheesha isn’t nothing to be proud of, rather, it’s a cause of worry.

I need all your support, all the readers that I have today, it’s our duty as humans to save our fellow beings from being killed with this dangerous habit of sheesha. Let’s all together spread this post and make people understand that the trend grasping the generation like fire can burn us in to ashes and we are openly, with wide arms, welcoming it.

Do reblog or link it with your social media accounts or blogs if you think this matter needs immediate attention. Let all our friends and relatives read this and know where they are heading to. Lets give them a food for thought and pray our world gets rid of this tabboo soon!

Should You Rent or Buy Appliances?

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Rapidly growing cities and rapidly moving people! In the era of the metropolis, where everything is reaching up great heights in such a short time, from the heights of the buildings to the expense of daily lives, getting to fit in the fast-paced lifestyles and rapidly changing trends can be very stressful. All these factors, along with stress, can also cost a mountain for the people.

Accordingly, if you are one of those caught in this ever-changing living dynamics, where you have to change your living patterns as per the demands of your job and studies, buying these expensive daily need items and maintaining the same can be quite a daunting task.

Hence, comes a better solution than buying! Yes, it’s the ultimate lifesaver, renting! Why buy any furniture or appliance when you are going to stay in a place only for a year? Similarly, buying an automobile, when you are in a similar temporary residence, seems a waste of time and money, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be just great to rent all these things rather than buying it? And wouldn’t it be more convinient get it with good Emi plans and flexibilities.

With Rentomojo, you can now get your daily use appliances such as refrigerator, television, air conditioner,etc. for rent at a reasonable rate. You can even opt for renting bikes or scooty on rent for as long as a year or two or even a few months. Now, this seems a God-sent solution to buying woes, isn’t it?

I just loved their concept, wherein I can also get various items of house decor on rent from here. From furniture to decorative items and much more! The rates being affordable make it a more attractive alternative to heavy spending.

What’s more, you even get an RMI (Rental Monthly Installments) option which lets you pay for the product you choose through easy monthly rentals. This essentially means that you use the product first, and pay later. And, if in between, the product gets serious working issues, you can stop RMI and return the product. The remaining tenure of your RMI gets waived off! So, don’t pay a penny extra than you use. Rentomojo, thus, is entirely consumer friendly too.

So, the next time you get a job transfer or are going to migrate to another city for kid’s education or yours, make sure along with renting a house, you are renting a home as well. With all the variety in lifestyle needed, you can maintain a home while spending moderately. So finally, even if your pocket doesn’t expand, you can #smartlyown a great home through a #subscriptionlifestyle and enjoy your life as it comes.

Preventing Mosquito-Borne Diseases With The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent!

Pollution, diseases and deaths – This is all that’s hovering over the news recently! Thus, our increasing concern for preventing them is natural. For air-borne diseases, certain air conditioners are available with the technology to prevent the growth of bacteria and and keep our homes germ-free. For diseases transmitted through water, a good purifier and proper hygiene does the work. But, vector-borne diseases are still a matter of great concern of all of us, especially those that spread via mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika etc. These diseases are of great concern for all of us because of the dangerous effects they cause on humans. For instance, Zika infection can cause serious birth defects and even result in Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Malaria is also on a rise amongst children nowadays. As a parent, I am truly scared as malaria can be fatal – once inside the body, malaria parasites migrate to the liver, where they grow, multiply and eventually destroy the blood cells.

The West Nile fever is another serious mosquito-borne disease. The virus multiplies in our bloodstream and can cause inflammation of brain tissue when carried to the brain. This can lead to convulsions, coma and even death. Even if a severely infected person survives, there is a good chance of permanent neurological damage.

Dengue fever is another common and widespread disease. It can become life-threatening if an infected person develops a more severe form of the illness resulting in dehydration, organ damage and severe bleeding…

As a common factor to all these mosquito-borne diseases is that no specific vaccination is available for them yet. Hence, the best way to protect yourself and your family from malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Zika etc. is to stay protected from disease-causing mosquitoes. And the easiest way to do so is by using friendly mosquito repellents.

I found the wide range of products from Goodknight to be most effective and trustworthy. They have mosquito repellents for both indoor and outdoor use.

First comes the Goodknight Activ+ mosquito repellent machine that protects us from mosquitoes indoors. It comes with two modes – Normal and Activ and you can choose one depending upon the level of mosquito infestation in your house. This is a superb feature making the product very effective. I tried it at home and you won’t believe it, I didn’t see a single one buzzing around during that period!

This keeps my house mosquito free but when I go out for walks, I need a good repellent outdoors as well. I prefer a cream gel which is gentle on my skin; Goodknight Cool Gel does the needful at this time. It is non-sticky and contains aloe vera which leaves the skin feeling soft.

When it comes to my kids, I am very particular about applying Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on their uniform before sending them to school. Although I do not like restricting my kids from playing outside, I do worry about their safety, particularly from dengue mosquitoes that bite during the day.

The 4 dots of Fabric Roll-On put my worries at rest; I know that my children will be protected from mosquitoes for a good 8 hours while they’re outdoors. Besides, it is paediatrician certified as baby safe which is a huge relief. You can apply the Roll-On on prams and cots of babies that are less than 2 months old. It is 100% natural and will not cause any issues.

Even during play time I apply cute funky Goodknight Patches that shield my children from any mosquitoes. My kids love these patches as they’re fun and colourful and are available in Chhota Bheem designs!

These are some of the best mosquito repellents in India at the moment that I, as a mom blogger and mother, would personally recommend. Furthermore, you can always check their product reviews on sites like Amazon and take your pick accordingly. These repellents are indeed the need of the hour and the best way to stay protected from mosquitoes and prevent any unwanted infections.

The vitamin E full salad- A daily dose of vitamin E!

A mother, a wife, a blogger and more over these, a woman! My life needs to be a clock! Yup, just like a clock, I need to be working non stop, without stopping, round the day and all at a perfect time! If I stop, or get slower, my world around does. And, I just don’t want my world to be slower, my loved ones to lack behind in any field in life.

But, some days behind the line, I did. I went slower than usual, taking more breaks than I ever did, feeling more tired than I should be, and loosing that perfect glow I always had on my face. I just couldn’t make out what was that thing missing that mad the super woman in me feel older than my age!

What’s that I x factor that I seem to have caught, which made me so weak, the question had some endless answeres. May be a flu, or a mosquito bite? Oh! It nay just be another effect of the growing pollution in the city! But, whatever it was that I have caught, needs to be got rid off, because my whole cycle of life seemed to have slowed down recently, my whole family went dull and weak with me.

A quite chat with my friend doctor got me the solution. It was not something that I caught, rather, it was something that I need to catch up with! Yeah, it was the deficiency of vitamin E in my body, that made me feel sick and tired even when I wasn’t ill.

It is an important member of the vitamin community which is crucial for our health. It travels through the body neutralising free radicals which would otherwise damage fat-containing structures like cell membranes and brain cells. It also helps prevent oxidative stress. Other than facilitating healthy muscles, it benefits our skin, hair, eyesight and immunity

Apart from these, vitamin E beneficial in slowing Alzheimer’s progressions as well as treating conditions like cataract, asthma, skin issues, ageing, respiratory infections and so on due to its significant anti-inflammatory properties. The nutrient is extremely beneficial for women as it helps combat menstrual cramps. It is also found to improve fertility in men. And mostly the person suffering from the vitamin E deficiency, couldn’t even make out that they are Not possessing something vital in their system! Just like I never guessed.

Well, after that day, my friend suggested me the list of food items which are the source of vitamin E and advices me to include those in my meal plans,do that not only me, even my family can get all the health benefits of it.

Certain rich sources of vitamin E are, sunflower seeds, spinach, hazelnuts, avocado, shrimp, peanuts, almond, brocoli, vegetable oil, olive oil and Evion Supplements, which are a rich source of this essential form of vitamin. Know more about #Evion here –

Since the list is quite long, as a home maker, I just wanted all of them to benefit us. Hence, I tried this new recipe, it’s in my daily routine and we never get bored of it, we all love munching these sources of vitamin E in a limited dose daily and get all the benefits we can get from it. I have especially named this dish, The Efull salad! Check the recipe below:

In a huge bowl, add brocolli, avocado, aspagarus spinach ( all finely cut), add in some peanuts, almond, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. Dash a teaspoon of olive oil on it and enjoy the salad with your favorite dressing. (I prefer it just lightly salted).

This Efull salad is a vital member of mine and my family’s diet. Thus, helping us stay a bit more healthier daily. And now, I am just as perfect and active as I should be!

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Box 8 a perfect meal time! 

Box8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A healthy with a variety is always yummy to have! Box 8 is just the name what flicks in your mind when you think of pure Indian food presented in the most delicious, compatible way. 

Bringing in a healthier twist to our Indian flavours along with some juicy saucy touch to it, the box8 wraps and sandwiches are something to grab a bite of! The triple decker chicken sandwich is one of the example of thier scrumptious healthy treat. Three layered wheat bread sandwich along with s mixture of sauces, chicken and some veggies is just a perfect meal to grab.

The wraps are no lesser healthier and tastier.  Chicken mayo wrap and chef special panneer wrap are some of my favorite and exotic to have. The perfect Roti base and the delicious mixture if sauces with some veggies tossed is just so tempting, filling and healthy too.

I really liked the newly introduced concept of thier fusion meal boxes that contained everything from gravies too parathas , rice, salad and a deszert. The options offered in this is large too. I prefer the panneer makhani meal from those. 

The peshawari chicken box is something really tempting and exotic for the non vegetarians out there . Chicken pieces with masala and some plain rice is just lovely to try. 

Desserts are no more an exception when it comes for serving some delectable meals from box 8! Choco lava, gulab jamuns, moong dal halwa and muffins are some of them . But I prefered the chocolate brownies this time. Really liked thier soft heavily feel and the delicious chocolate taste. Thier signature bevarages of that being a lemon flavor and an ice tea is something worth trying too.

 These and those charming palettes and packing and on time delivery adds in to the glamour of this super delicious range of food offerings.

Apart from all these, the interview I recently read of the founder of box 8 chain really left me impressed and eager to try out more varieties from them what caught my attention most was this query and the answer to it.

When designing Box8’s menu, what did you want to keep in mind (in terms of taste, value for money, variety and so on). How do Box8’s dishes appeal to the Indian palate?

The focus lies in preparing food which is delicious, easy on the stomach and made from quality ingredients, allowing the consumers to order food frequently

Our mantra is: Serve what we love to eat.

We have a twofold intent, one is to offer our customers different experience through different categories and second is to be a one stop solution for a full course meal or for snacks:-

‘All in one’ offers a wholesome indian meal with a main curry and a side curry along with rice or paratha and a dessert to compliment. ‘Box’ offers fusion of different indian delicacies like dal, Paneer, rice along with Chatni, salad etc.

Wraps, sandwich and salads in many cases acts like evening or late night snack.

Redefined friendship!

I just love my friends! Those nonsense we talk together, those chill pills we prescribe each other, those me.orable cherished memories we share about the mischieves we do together are life. I just couldn’t describe how much my friends contribute to my being myself.

But as we know no bond is firm until it’s tied with knots of tough experiences with it. Our friendship of five super cool hot girls gangs can be called a super tight bond that’s stuck with the most effective adhesive that wouldn’t just break at any cost. Too confident, ain’t I? Well, there’s a reason for it. It isn’t just a most trusted, most ranked upon relationship because I say so. It’s because we have got it tested, through destiny of course by a number of tough situations. And,it still remains the firm one.

Budding from kindergarten, our friendship was really cool from the start. All five of us shared the same level of comfort zone and space with each other. The secrets we shared were never leaked. The promises we made together were always fulfilled.Our secret jokes weren’t understandable by any other person. We were just too perfect! 

Well,but every perfect thing has some imperfection embedded to it. If not, then it’s been bought by some else on it. The same went with our friendship. Some people our of jealousy created a huge misunderstanding between us. We all believed those people and thought each one of us is gossiping about the other to the one next to her and the opposite one is the victim. 

Everything changed then. Those secrets that we once shared were now the talk of the town. Those times when we were together,we neither laughed, nor talked. We just averted our glances from each other. The one mistake that we did during that period was showing lack of trust amongst each other and most of all, never confronting what we felt for each other. The silent game we played resulted in us being more far away from each other and was  slowly dissolving our so called, rock solid friendship! 

Months went by the same way until our parents at home started nudging us about why we finally became so apart. The question remained unanswered in each of our minds because no one of us actually talked about it.That was when one of my friend decided to keep a meet up for the five of us.

After much persuasion finally on a cold winter afternoon, we gathered in a cafe to share some pieces of our lost friendly bond. The warmth in which we slowly started confronting each other, those tears which when being shed, erased all the marks of misunderstandings from our heart made a huge difference.

And then, after much talking we decided to never believe in anything that’s just said by anyone about us and should talk about the thing openly amongst ourselves before believing it. That warm bonding and trust we shared then helped us rebuild our firm togetherness again. 

I am still thankful about that day when we chose to talk and not to just ignore the matter and live our lives separately. That warmth shared by our group help us redefine our friendship in a more firm manner. And hope it remains the same forever!

Here’s a lovely  video  that in some manner gives the same message in the most unique way.

I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil