Beat stress and anxiety naturally!

Busy we, busy lifestyle and busy the world around us! The time for relaxing, reading, napping or just silently talking to ourselves isn’t sparred any more, let alone the thought of spending some quality time sharing our ups and downs with friends. The truth is, we the creators of machines, have turned in to a machine in the course of time. Working for regular hours in the offices, later bot finishing off the pending work and taking the same at home and not to forget the piles of domestic work to be done too. It isn’t any matter of gender. Nowadays, both men and women, office workers and home makers seem to lack time for any of their personal matters. This, is what leads to a person being stressed!

When we know we can’t finish the pending works on deadlines, when we know even if we rush, we just couldn’t reach a place on time. When we from within know very well we just can’t open and start up the hobby ideas we resolved to do during new year even though we will be trying a lot. This is what causes maximum anxiety and stress.

Well, there are innumerable stress relievers in the market.Each one of them ranging from cheap prices to highest range of money. But we know very well that using them solely wouldn’t destress us, rather, it may increase it because of their huge pressure on your budget. You may get a temporary solution to your stress and anxiety through them, but inside you know that you have to do something to destress in the most natural way.

Now, let’s jump to the cause of it. The main cause of stress is not getting time to do what we want to do on time, so make sure we change a little bit of our sleep habits, a little bit of our mobile habits, little bit of our daily routine to make some more room for time so that we can finish those work before time. The other solution is the simple thing that never postpone your today’s work for tomorrow. This leads to piling up our work and in the end we don’t finish up doing it. So, make sure you finish your daily target on the same day.

Make a rough schedule of your daily activities and try to follow it religiously. This will help you deal with situations better.

Open up your old novels that are still waiting to be read by a book lover sleeping deep inside you. Wake up that painter in you who loves playing with colours. Let’s bring that music lover inside you who is living in silence since ages. Bake some cakes and prepare deiceous treats to let the world know you have a hidden chef inside you. In short, give some time to your hobbies. They will relieve you like never before. Try it!

Lie down on your back and loosely close your fists, just like a baby does! Let’s stop clasping things in our hands tightly, let it all go, you need some space in life, let the waste go, detox your thoughts as you loosely close your eyelids while you lie down. It’s ok if you take a nap, this will surely refresh you.

Give in to your cravings. Go and have that huge cheesy burger you were eyeing since days! Let maturity take a step behind, it’s not good to always stay practical and health conscious, sometimes, life needs a cheat. And believe me, this cheat during stress will make you more happy and healthy. Yes, because minding your diet too strictly can cause a lot of stress too. So, let’s take a break and have your favourite dessert you want.

Remember the old days, when we used to be too much tensed during exams times, our mums used to give us a good oil massage! This, is what needed even today. You can use any oil and slowly massage it with light fingers through your scalp pressing on temple points. This will give you great relief.

Take a long bath or shower using your Favourite fragrances. This will soothe and relax you instantly and will refresh you in the most pleasant way.

Keep aside your mobile for a while, call your bestie or sister or mum through landline. Or just switch off the WiFi and call them from your cell. Talk to them, chat endlessly and have fun. Plan a good time together for tea or ice cream treat and make some way for happiness in your life.

Go for a short stroll around some greenery in your area or plan a short/long vacation. Whichever you can afford. Spend some time away from those stress boosters and get the energy you need to tackle with them from that time on.

Put on your favourite song, listen to some music of your choice, humm along, let your senses rest and get the peace they desire.

These are some natural ways that may not tax your daily schedule and leave some space for me time in your life. Hence, de-stressing you, in the most easiest way. Apart From these, you may get attracted to anti destress drugs, perfumes or rehab centres for that matter. But, I personally think, these are only temporary solutions. The more you twist and turn your daily lifestyle and make way for the stress relievers from within your daily routine, the more are your chances of getting a stress and anxiety less lifestyle ahead! So, let’s not waste more of your precious time, let’s start from now and help yourself the best way!

Let me know in the comments below which step from above are you trying today!!

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  1. Beautiful post. While reading, I actually felt as though my elder sister or aunt was counseling and speaking to me. Each point instilling more reassurance than before. Keep writing :):)

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