Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

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21st century and the rapidly progressing society! The most versatile generation in the human history. The generation that have acquired almost everything in the least amount of time and is striving more on this field. The generation that follows trend religiously well even when it’s for a short period of time and still changing with the times and trends accordingly.

In this century, where nothing last longer than just a few months, the trend or habit of sheesha have proclaimed it’s position for longer than expected and the craze for the same being increasing day by day. The non cigarette addiction that has proudly replaced cigarettes in the society, seems to have broken all the barriers and is minding each of our lives.

When on one hand we are spreading the message of quitting smoking on all social media platforms because it contains tobacco and prove dangerous for your lungs, we proudly flaunt our 3 to 4 feet high sheesha and blow away the warnings in the smoke of it being dangerous too.

Haven’t we all read the warnings printed on all the Flavour boxes that says it contains tobacco and can cause cancer? Still, no one seems to take it as dangerous! Why? Because sheesha is now each ones need on a daily basis lifestyle. The addiction that follows it is another major hazard that we tend to avoid. We all know whatever causes an addiction in human body is dangerous and needs to be avoided. But still, the addiction of sheesha seems to be a class statement and something to be proud of.

What’s more, while cigarettes and alcohol are allowed only after a certain age in our society, sheesha is easily accessible to all age groups. From school kids to women, seniors citizens or house wives, everyone flaunts their sheesha selfie proudly on social media sites with loads of smoke being giving out in public. Isn’t this smoke as hazardous as the smoke of those cigarettes being smoked. It becomes more serious when we know that each wedding or social function includes sheesh too as part of the food being arranged for the guest. Hence, indirectly giving a hand in increasing this addiction. Even restaurants and food places are being granted it’s license by the state. And nothing could be compared to this that each home today has a sheesha at home, thus making it more easily accessible to minors too.

What we need to think is, though we are not smoking cigarette directly, s are replacing the same with sheesha, aren’t we being prone to a more dangerous situation than we already were in? We can easily satisfy our inner self that we didn’t intake tobacco, but aren’t the tons of flavour’s that we blend in to smoke are more hazardous than the tobacco.

Today, when the whole generation is crazily following the dangerous trend of sheesha and not even considering it as dangerous, isn’t it our duty to let them stop from consuming this slow poison? Can’t we just make them aware that whatever they are consuming can also cause cancer, lung diseases and much much more. The huge antic pieces of sheesha that they so very proudly flaunt on their divans are actually going to harm or even kill their kids, women and themselves too. Isn’t it our duty to let them understand that underage kids smoking sheesha isn’t nothing to be proud of, rather, it’s a cause of worry.

I need all your support, all the readers that I have today, it’s our duty as humans to save our fellow beings from being killed with this dangerous habit of sheesha. Let’s all together spread this post and make people understand that the trend grasping the generation like fire can burn us in to ashes and we are openly, with wide arms, welcoming it.

Do reblog or link it with your social media accounts or blogs if you think this matter needs immediate attention. Let all our friends and relatives read this and know where they are heading to. Lets give them a food for thought and pray our world gets rid of this tabboo soon!

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