5 Home Decor ideas to Glorify your Diwali!

Home decor ideas

When festivities knock your doors, it’s your duty to make your home look the best to welcome them with a beautiful charm! Let’s look around for some latest trends in home decor for 2018 which can beautify your house better and give your guests something to gaze at when they visit you during Diwali.



Chandeliers are something that seem to add the glow to your whole room to give it the finishing look! The latest trends in chandeliers includes of the new metal range of chandeliers which give your living room the vintage look redefined in the best way. The over the table chandeliers with the glittering sliver look is what you need to give your homes the party look during this Diwali.

Artificial plantations

Artificial plants in home decor

The one more thing that’s more in trends recently in home decors is artificial plantation. These plants look natural and refreshing when they hung over your walls to give your homes a green house look and doesn’t need much maintenance too. These plantations are also available in creepers form which if counted appropriately at your living rooms can intensify your decor. The short plantations available in various flower forms does look beautiful when places in kids room or studies or personal bedrooms.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers Wall stickers in home decor

Wall stickers are best in budgets home decor. They tend to give your rooms your choice of look with perfection and look great on your walls. You can give your rooms the funky look, the natural look or the animated look you need for your kid’s room.

Funky coloured armchairs!

Bright coloured armchairs Armchairs in home decor

Nowadays these chairs with bright colours and soft backrests look super comfy and admirable in your living rooms. These chairs look awesome in every corner of your home and give your homes the bright, peppy look you aspire!

Wooden artistic show pieces!

Wooden showpieces Woods art pieces in show pieces

Some creative art pieces made from raw wood, unpolished and undecorated, totally in its natural form tend to make great show pieces in home decors! These unique pieces of wood are low in maintenance and last longer.

So this Diwali, revamp your homes in the most amazing way and welcome your happiness with style!


Hey everyone!!

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your busy life.

Here I am with another fashion oriented interesting blog to give you updates about what’s trending in the fashion world and how you can spice up your look.

It’s pretty obvious that you guys got a little hint about what my blog is about….

So, let me elaborate.

Given you choose a perfect dress for outing, office, party or any other occassion, selecting accessories is a very vital part of looking fashionable.

Apart from clothing always give equal focus on what kind of jewelry you wear, handbags or any other kind of purse you carry, your footwear, scarves and many more to go on the list.

Even if you make plans at the eleventh hour accessories can make you look stunning and set you apart.

So, I am going to share what are most important accessories to keep in your cupboard and are fashionably evergreen.

1.  Handbags

They always manage to add a special effect to your attire. Carrying a solid color purse is always preferred if you are going to office or any formal meeting. You can try handbags of various patterns and colors with your informal clothes to give a fresh and vibrant look.

2. Backpacks

One of the most trendy and smart looking accessory of these days. They are used by almost every teenagers and are also very useful along with making you look smart. They are very budget friendly and are available in various sizes and patterns.

3. Sling bags

Completes your look especially when  you are going for a party wearing a beautiful lbd. For a night look prefer a silver, black or golden sling bag for a shimmery look. You can also carry them well with jeans and top, skirts and dresses. Prefer light subtle colors for day look.

4. Totes

Tote bags are very useful because of the huge space it provides to keep books, stationary and other essentials. They goes with casual outfits like kurta and leggings, jeans and salwar. You can also use it as a travel bag for a day trip. Totes are literally boon to the ladies when you need to carry a lot of stuffs in your bag and also look good at the same time.

5. Belts

One of the most essential accessories of all times. First of all you need to come out of the mindset that belts are only useful when you are wearing jeans or trousers. They can be used in a lot of ways like you can wear a thin leather belt with a solid shirt or t-shirt dress. You can also wrap it around a cool oversize woolen sweater, shorts or dungarees. 

6. Watch

Just take a note guys you aren’t suppose to set your foot off your house without wearing watch. It is the most important accessory that goes with both formal and informal look. You can try metal watches preferably grey for corporate purpose. Watches that are studded with stones look very expensive and elegant. You can wear them with dresses to get a royal vibe. 

7. Sandals

Put on a high heel sandals to match up with your office outfit with hair tied into a bun and a classy handbag to make heads turn. Choosing the right sandals will take your looks higher by several notches. You can try various patterns to get a hippy look if you want to try something new.

8. Flip-flop’s

Tired of wearing high heels and need to slip into something more comfortable?

Flip-flop’s are the best options even you are going to hang out with your friends. They are best for pajama parties or when you are just going for a casual night walk.

9. Scarves

They are very versatile and enhances your outfit instantly. You can pair it up with a tank top and skinny jeans. There is a inumerable number of ways to wear scarves like classic loop, rolled loop, knotted shawl, neck wrap, double sided twist and many more…. They work wonders in the winter days by keeping you warm and make you look beautiful.

10. Bracelets

Depending on the type, material and design of bracelets you can wear them with both traditional and western outfits. For traditional try to pick a golden or silver embedded bracelet and for western wears metallic bracelets are preferred.

11. Earcuffs

They gives you a very cool look and often goes with western outfit. 

12. Bunstick

For making instant buns they are really very useful. You can make high bun, low bun, messy bun and all other kinds of bun usinng it. So, always carry a bunstick with you especially in the hot summer days.

13. Pendant

A small pendant can be worn with pretty much everything. They look very subtle. Themed pendants are also available in case you are thinking to select an unique one for yourself.

14. Nose pins

Well mostly goes with traditional outfit but these days they are worn with pretty much everything. So, if you are looking for a new bold look grab one as soon as possible.

15. Tiara

You can wear them on special events mostly on birthdays. They look cute with skater dresses, lace tops paired with denim shorts and any other western dresses that gives you an ultra feminine look.

16. Jhumkas

You can have any kind of jhumkas for traditional outfits. Chandbalis look amazing with lehenga, anarkali and salwar kameez. Always remember that without earrings your Indian look is incomplete.

17. Stockings

They are the life savers in those winter days. Wear them with formal dresses, with shorts or even half jumpsuits to look stunning. Ankle length boots are the best footwear to go with stockings.

18. Sunglasses

Well I don’t think I need to explain you guys the importance of sunglasses. They are very vital especially during the summer season. You can wear them irrespective of your outfit. Try different shades and increase your collection!!

19. Hats

Covers your head and protects your face from getting tanned. There is a huge range of hats that you can try. Buy a hat for the sunny days when you want to go and chill on a sea beach, a royal hat for a wedding and so on…

20. Hair pins

Always keep a couple of hair pins with yourself especially to tie up your hair in a crowd, or anytime you feel your hair is going to turn into a mess. With hair pins and bunstick you can make different hair styles instantly.

So, guys make a list of accessories missing from your wardrobe annd buy them ASAP!!!!


This guest post is written by Krati Agarwal– A Fashion, Motivation and a Lifestyle writer. She has a keen interest in creating new content and loves experimenting things. An engineer by profession but a writer by passion. Follow her journey on Instagram @boldblushblog now!





Waiting for ISHQ part 3!

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It was their waleema function, the feast kept after a marriage. She was sitting in a crowd of cousins and girls from neighbourhood, decked up in a red Indian attire and of all them talking and giggling unnecessarily around her. “God knows what kind of bride blushes and smiles in these kind of weird discussions.” She herself was smiling forcefully. Just then he entered with a small bunch of young men. Looking classy in a royal blue kurta pyjama. There was a hush and bush around her, “come let’s vacant the adjacent seat, jiju has come.” Someone called up from the crowd and she gazed up at him. She was totally struck by the aura of excellence as he walked with long strides towards her and looked straight towards her. “Wow! Jiju is looking so handsome!” Another shriek from the crowd as he came closer.

He was walking as if in a magical spell literally staring towards her. She was looking gorgeous in red was a small word. And when she looked up at him, something made him stare straight in to her eyes and left him perplexed as he walked towards her and sat by her side unaware that he was surrounded by so many people around.

“Di, what did you get as your gift for wedding night?” One of the eager girls asked her while she slowly showed her ring to them. ” Wow Nazm, a diamond ring! Looks like jiju has been really impressed with your beauty to gift you this.” Gazal shrieked. “Not impressed Gazal, awestruck is the word.” Even he was in his naughtiest mood today while she glared at him sharply on his dialogue as the girls started laughing. “Oh! Was is two sided jiju or just your feelings are you sharing?” The questions were increasing. “Hmm… that’s something even I am trying to guess! But her expressions clearly say that even she shared the same feeling, isn’t it!” The last line was said a little lightly in her ears which made her glare at him more. “What nonsense! You know that’s not true.” She whispered between clenched teeth slowly with that smile still on it’s place on her lips. “Truth, my dear! I can clearly see in your eyes.” This forced her to look towards him and immediately look away blushing, his gaze was intense and with so much warmth in it that she couldn’t look at them straight. “Saw! I got the answer. Your face says it all now.” He said softly in a warm tone that made her heart beat even faster. Just then Phuppo came in with some guests and looked extremely relieved to see them talking softy and her reaction on it. “What a beautiful pair, I wanted to see this day since ages. I am so glad you both are happy together.” She kisses them both and blessed them.

From the next day onwards, he had to continue office as this was a sudden marriage and his work was all still unplanned. When he announced this on the breakfast table Phuppo was really angry while she heaved a sigh of relief. “At least his staring eyes will be off from home for some hours.” She thought and he was trying to convince his mother about the same. “What should I understand? Have you seen your newly wedded bride’s face? Look how her face has fallen on the thought of you leaving for office. She’s not even interacting with anyone here since we all gathered.” The attack was sudden and she, who was busy thinking about what great it would be if he went to office was totally struck.

“Oh yes? Then I’ll take her along with me in my office. She can give me company for the whole day in my cabin.” He smiled lightly as he saw her and knew exactly well that his mother has assumed it all wrong. “No thanks! I have lots to do at home today.” She answered him flatly and went straight to her room. She knew if she continued sitting here she would be targeted for the next hour.

After a little while he came towards her and blocked her as she was placing some clothes in the wardrobe. “Are you angry because I am going to office on the third day of our wedding?” He asked her in a strange soft tone. “Why would I be?” She glanced up with a surprise. “Rather I am quite relieved that I’ll get some time off without you!” This made him press his lips tighter together, “fine!” Came the reply and he went straight to get ready for his work without a word.


Life started a little abruptly, but was sailing! He had started with his work while she was continuing her weekly lectures for the course she was going through. They hardly interacted when alone and when with family, he would pass some hidden remarks and comments which only she understood and often blushed in its reaction. In short, always teasing her! That morning Phuppo was quite angry, “you both don’t even look like you’ve been married just a month ago. I have never seen Nazm getting ready in the evening and waiting for you neither have you taken her out somewhere. Is everything ok between both of you?” The question flustered them both. “Ofcourse ammi! It’s just I am so busy in my recent work and she’s tied up in her projects and all. Otherwise everything’s normal.” She nodded eagerly in agreement with his excuse. “I don’t know anything. Today, you’ll have to take her out somewhere. and not just for today, let me see you both going out frequently from now on. These are the days to enjoy, then soon you’ll get a child and then you’ll be all packed up with the little one and hardly get time to enjoy yourselves.” Another sudden turn of discussion which made them stare with a start at each other and this time they both looked away, each embarrassed in a different way. “Ok! Nazm, get ready by 7, we’ll be going out today.” Saying this, he left for the office.

“Nazm, I told you to get ready by 7 and it’s already half and hour above it. How much time you need more?” He came bursting in the room and stopped dead seeing her look so pretty in a light green dress with her hair loose and even she stopped dead with a straightening machine in her hand to turn towards him. “Just a minute more. I am just tying my hair and then we can leave.” She said slowly confused with the way her was looking at her. Even in the mirror, she could see him staring at her as she was fidgeting to get her hair tied. When he slowly came very near to her and said softly in her ears, “let them be open. You look beautiful with them this way.” He softly touched her long hair and tucked away some strands of them from her face while she was getting more nervous with all these closeness and his sudden remark and more importantly, the strange magnetic feeling between them which made her heart beat without brakes.

That evening, after years may be, they talked liked good friends. Both of them opening up with each other about their work and studies and views about the world.


“You want to go where?” Her father was totally shocked at the breakfast table, so were others. “Simla Abbu! It’s a two weeks camp for my course and very important for this year.” She answered normally. “Ok! So you both can go. As it is you’ve not gone anywhere for your honeymoon. You can extend the stay for it.” He said it lightly while her eyes flew open. “Wow! A honeymoon in Simla. You never told me Nazm, you wanted to go there for our honeymoon. We would have gone! Still, we can make it a month long trip, what say?” He seemed to be ultra happy or may be was teasing her as usual. “No abbu! How can he come? It’s a women only camp and in a women’s hostel.” She stared at him crossly as she replied to her father. “No worries! We can book a hotel or villa and you can go there when it’s needed.” This man had an answer to everything. “Actually it’s a camp not a college! So, the workshops can be starting at any time, on and off you see. So can’t do that too!” She gave him the news flatly. “So, forget it! You are not going. Either we are going together, or you aren’t going!” This sparked her totally, how dare he! “This is very important camp for my career and I am going. Why are you stopping me?” She started to argue when Abbu calmed them both down,”Ok Nazm! You can go, but take Gazal along with you. She can do the sightseeing during that period and two are always better than one, all right?”

“Oh thanks Abbu, this is great!” Both the sisters jumped with joy and bubbling, they both went inside. She showed him a thumbs down sign as she ran in.

“Uncle? Why did you allow her alone.” He asked him accusingly while Mr. khan turned towards him calmly and said, “sit down young man! It’s time we had a man to man talk!” The dangerous tone that always captured him to talk freely with him and let him know all his doubts!

“I know everything is not like a usual husband and wife between you as you both show!” Zeeshan was shocked, he started to defend when he raised his hand and told him to stop. “I have raised you both my boy! Can understand what’s going on and it’s entirely normal. You will take time. But, do you know what my experience of years say? It clearly can see how much you both love each other! It’s just that you both can’t understand your own feelings. That’s why I permitted to let her go away from you. Some time alone, and she’ll know what’s she’s missing in life. Do you know separation in love from the one whom you love teaches you to love them more? Let her go, I am sure, when she’ll be back, you both will know where you both stand!” He went away explaining him as he slowly moved towards his room.

She was busy packing her stuff as she was to leave the next day itself. She heard him come to the room and thought of teasing him more with his plans being a flop of going with her. But something in the intensity of which he looked at her got her dumb. He continued walking towards her and she was walking backwards when a wall tuned out to be a dead end for both. He brought his face more closer towards her, “will you be able to live without me?” The question was soft, simply said but touched some chord within her deeply, “ofcourse! That’s why I filled the form. So that I can live without you for sometime with ease.” “Hmm why do I feel you are going to miss me like crazy?” He touched her cheeks with the back of his hands lightly but this made her heart thump aloud, ” again a misconception from your side. That’s never going to happen.” “May be! But I am going to surely miss you like mad and will wait for your return.” He said slowly looking in her eyes, kissed her lightly on her forehead and went away. She remained shocked with a thumping heart, unnerved soul and a crazy sense of leaving everything behind.


Next morning he couldn’t be seen. She was searching for him around as she sat in the car. Abbu and Phuppo bid her good bye but he wasn’t there in sure and neither did someone talked about him. She felt extremely strange, as if she’s leaving a part of herself behind…. “Nazm, jiju gave this to you!” Gazal gave her an envelope and continued gazing back at the streets from the car window as she opened it slowly with a beating heart. There, in his beautiful bold writing was written….

Shaam ke ujalo mein

Apne narm hathon se

Koi bolti Khushboo

Koi sochta lamha

Jab bhi likhna chahoge

Soch ke dareecho Se

Yaad ke hawalon se

Mera naam chup chup kar

Tumko yaad ayega!

Shaam theher jayegi

Haath kaanp jayege

Mera naam chup chup kar tumko yaad ayega

Sham theher jayegi….

Sham theher jayegi….,

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First crush or first love! part 2

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It was pretty difficult carrying that heavy lehenga along with the long dupatta, apart from it the dozens of bangles and some delicate jewellery was enough to keep her busy in the mehndi function! They had come all the way from Madhya Pradesh to Chandigarh to attend her cousin’s wedding and her aunt was adamant to make her dress at her best so that she should be the next bride this season. It was just last year that she have completed her education and started with a job at a reputed international school, but relatives behaved as if she’s been a spinster since decades and was desperate for a husband. Ufff! Only if she could tell them to mind their own businesses! Bang!!!!

She looked up shocked at the person whom she knocked with in her fiery of thoughts. He gazed back at her with the same shock but something gripped them together. Though she wanted to, she just couldn’t avert her eyes from him. It was the most captivating ever, must say he was the most good looking man she came across of recently. But he was staring at her with so much intensity, she felt pretty nervous and tried to get free from his hold. He was catching her shoulder so that she couldn’t have fell otherwise. Embarrassed, and nervous, was what both of them felt when they went away. But going after some paces, they returned back and gazed at each other, as if figuring out what was the magnetism about?

He saw her again. She had wet mehndi applied on both of her hands and was struggling desperately to keep her long loose hair and the large dupatta out of the mehndi and from falling too. He smiled lightly. She was cute, or it was beautiful! But whatever it was, he just couldn’t get out of the magical spell she casted on him when they clashed some time before. As if still in a spell, he walked slowly towards her and stood in front of her. She looked up to him was stunned as he caught the other side of her now falling dupatta and started rolling it on her neck in the form of a scarf which also clasped her loose hair with it. Then she watched perplexed as he slowly put the remaining hair of her face and tucked them behind her ears. She kept watching him with a blushed face and stunned expression while he slowly walked away from her.

The next day was the official wedding day! All the bride’s side were clad in red punjabi suits. She thought wearing punjabi suit would be a lot easier than that of lehengas, but how wrong she was! The heavy handwork on her dress and the numerous sleets of her bottom, plus the super large heavy dupatta and those jewellery and the love of her high heels and her long loose hair, “Oh my God! Why did I even agree to dress according to Aunt’s choice!” She started walking towards the verandah when she saw him coming from the opposite side, all strong and smart in his well maintained physique and stunning looks. The black sherwani he wore gave him the aura of power and style he carried. Unknowingly, she looked away when he caught her staring at him. Her heartbeats increased as he came nearer. As if by a command, they both stood for a while when they were exact beside each other, glanced at each other, he smiled looking in her eyes. As if captivated by that charming smile, she smiled back shying and slowly walked away from him.

That night when her cousin went off with her husband in car, everyone had tears in their eyes. But were happy for the married couple. She hugged her aunt to consolidate her on this matter but aunt has something else in her mind. “Don’t worry dear, I am not tired at all with this marriage, now is your turn next to get married. I have everything planned and I’ll see to it that you are married this year itself!” She said as she hugged her back, but quite loudly which somehow embarrassed her. She just smiled forcefully when her gaze went up and she caught him staring at her with a puzzled expression, as if he heard what aunt just said. She turned back rapidly to go inside when she heard him say from behind, ” hey, wait!” She stopped but didn’t turn. “I just heard that aunty saying you were to get married this year, well, just wanted to ask, are you engaged to someone already?” She turned towards him, he was confused with a serious expression on his face. She just nodded her head in negative. He sighed with relief with a big smile and returned to walk away from her.

That night she wasn’t able to sleep. Her dreams and thoughts had that eyes and smile in them. Even if she did, she couldn’t take off his image away from her. That night she knew finally, what love was! She knew he was the one with whom she could spend her whole life happily ever after! She couldn’t ask for anything else in her life. This was the most happiest moment of her life.

But the next morning a total shock to her! This was something she never expected! Even if she suspected, this was totally shocking at this time.

Next part coming this week…

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Distinguishing between the symptoms of chikungunya and dengue!

Knowing chikungunya and dengue.

Mosquitoes borne diseases are on a high since the last decade in India and other Asian countries. Out of these, dengue is often fatal and chikungunya can also lead to death in various cases. The cause of them both is mosquitoes bites though their sources lie from different mosquito families.


On the onset of these diseases, experts get confused mostly detecting whether its dengue or chikungunya because the symptoms of dengue and that of chikungunya are almost similar with mild differences. Hence, medication often gets mislead and the process of curing the illness takes longer than usual. Today, let’s get discriminating the symptoms of both the fevers so that we get a better understanding of them.

chikungunya dengue symptoms

Dengue symptoms

  • Sudden high fever
  • Severe headache
  • Pain in eyes
  • Body and joints pain
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Bleeding of nose.

dengue fever images symptoms

  • chikungunya symptoms

    Pain in joints with a slight swelling
    Headache and fever

symptoms chikungunya fever

Discrimination between chikungunya and dengue!

  • In dengue fever, the incubation period is of about 3-7 days and remains for about 4-6 weeks while in chikungunya fever, the incubation period is of 1-10 days and it remains for about a fortnight.
  • Dengue fever carries high fever with severe headache, rashes and joint pains. In chikungunya, fever is accompanied with extreme joint pain and mild rashes.
  • Muscle pain is mostly around the back portion of arms and legs and there’s a high degree of joint pain on shoulders and knees. While is chikungunya, joint pain remains on hands and feet with some swelling at the area.
  • Dengue symptoms in adults includes heavy bleeding sometimes from nose too.
  • Rashes are mostly experienced on the face in dengue while in chikungunya, the rashes can be felt on the face, trunk, lips, palm and face.

Preventive measures! While we know both of the diseases have no proper vaccines till recently, it’s important to follow the precautions religiously to avoid the onset of these dangerous diseases.


  • Wearing of full sleeves clothes to avoid exposing the skin to mosquito bites.
  • Using of effective and skin friendly mosquito repellent creams like GoodKnight mosquito repellent skin gel.
  • When outdoors, keeping the kids safe by using mosquito repellent patches.
  • Closing off the windows after sunset or using the mosquito repellent machines at home.

Just remember being aware of these diseases and using preventing measures to avoid it and experiencing the pain of it and the painful efforts that goes in curing it!


I grew up….

She felt the chill pass through her veins when the drop kissed her forehead! Then came another, one more and tip, tip, tip, the rain started. She veiled her face with her file and ran to the nearest small local cafe. People were already rushing to get saved from rains. Luckily, she caught a chair at a small table and ordered tea. She gazed out, sighed, it’s rains again, already! No wonder the scorching heat was unbearable but the rains, more nuisance. Stressed! She felt, deep in her thoughts, she gazed out.

That feeling when the room went dark and she was sneaking out of the window to find the grey formation of clouds around and screeching with delight watching them,”Mummy, it’s going to start raining, yay! Yay!” And this catching a glimpse of dark clouds and crying out silently,” The trains are going to be late, shit!” She grew up!

Opening up her little palms, enjoying the kisses of those cold droplets on her hands, trying to collect them all in her tiny clutches and now wiping her hands as soon as they got wet from rains, she grew up!

Closing her eyes, giving in herself to the sky, let the clouds get a better view of her face as they pour some rainy love on it to now shielding it with something so that her make up didn’t fade away, she grew up! I bet her wet innocence was more attractive than her dry make up!

Splash! Splash! One foot after the other and giggling loudly as she dashed through the paths after her friends to now double folding her denims and keeping each step lightly so that don’t even the slippers get some dirt of the rainy streets, She grew up!

Dancing freely to get more wetter than she already was to now hugging herself even more so as to avoid the drenched form, she grew up!

From enjoying the rainy long days from within the window to worrying about getting the washed clothes dry, she grew up!

A sigh passed her lips as she frowned thinking, the rains are the same as they were then, the grey colour of the clouds when it’s about to rain has been their tradition since infinity, the green grasses getting soft and muddy and the formation of those tiny puddles have been as it has been since years! Then what changed? Why can’t the rains now be the same as they were then?

what made her actually grow up? She glanced at the watch hanging, time? Time just passes, growing up is mandate, but time doesn’t restrict you from enjoying something that’s naturally beautiful! Then what? She saw the rush, she knew the answer already!!

The voices were clear even today, “wash off your feet, you splashed the whole puddle on your legs, wash them vigorously.” “Shhh! Don’t scream on just the sounds of the rains, so silly it looks!” “Why did you get drenched? You should have stood under some roof.” “Hey, change fast.You’ll catch cold otherwise.” These statements, these repeated commands, some way or another left a mark on her memory and ultimately her life.

It was the society! The society that forced her to grow up, the people around who created norms and broke them according to their conveniences and carved the same prints to the younger minds, just because they have been passed the inheritance of the same. This society which gradually changed the fun associated with nature into nuisance and the growing minds readily agreed to it and grew up defining it the same way to carry this tradition forward.

Growing up doesn’t means giving up joy and innocence, it’s rather a process to increase the same by passing it out to others. She stood up, smiled widely and knew what to do next!

The small crowd gathered near the cafe were smiling watching the lady who was enjoying rains with little kids of the area, as if she was one if them, as if she wasn’t a grown up!

Book review- Bhumi by Tina Siquira

About the book

This book celebrates womanhood in the most natural yet exceptional way! The range of short stories with different and unique personalities of females leaving a message at the end of each story, is really something that grips you throughout. Each story is entirely unique to others and is portrayed in the most beautiful manner. With each story, your curiosity to unveil the next one increases, hence you don’t even get a moment of a dull read as you go on reading.

My take on the book

I really liked reading through these stories and was impressed by the way the authors creativity took her to so much depths in bringing together these stories. The amount of creativity and thoughtfulness that went curating these is impressive. The endings are very well planned and the way she keeps the stories incomplete yet letting us know what the end will definitely be is amazing.

My favourite part in the book

I just loved the chapter dried leaves a lot. The message you get through it that not every arranged marriage is a dull one and a relationship is not always a hot and happening time spent with each other saying love you to each other thousand times.

Apart from this, the first story Amma, beautifully played by a father, the story of Saira bringing up herself after a broken marriage and two kids is great too.

The naked illusion is another story that gripped me well till the end and left me with an entirely new vision of a part of society, that we so much judge the wrong way otherwise. I must say, this is one story that you should read first when you start the book.

All the others are equally amazing and would open up your vision to society even more.

About the author

Tina Sequeira is an award winning author and blogger. She’s sure Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is her alter ego – ever curious and in quest for the truth. Tina loves words and mingling with people who she believes are living books.

Download the ebook by following the link here.

Why should dads have all the love!

When you are expecting, you both are! From the early stages of prenatal, to the postnatal hectic schedules, the responsibility should be carried out equally. Even though all those caring moments and duties for the babies are mutually shared around happily by both the parents, l feel mothers always tend to get end up with more chores than dads!

It may be due to the feeding task of moms or the natural closeness she feels than dads because of already being closer to the baby when he/she was in her womb, moms just couldn’t help but be around at an instant whenever the little one needs someone. I personally think even mums tend to understand more the needs and moods of babies than dads do. And for this, she forgets her being, her own choices and needs and cares for her baby more than of anything else. It may be her resting time or day, but she’ll end up with the baby after some time and leave those minutes or hours of leisure and solitude just to be with her bundle of joy. Give her the most important task of the planet to handle, one shriek from her baby, even though she knows there’s someone to care for her baby, she’ll leave that work and jump on the kid’s side to see what’s the issue. Such is the incredible love of a mother!

After these things, it should be but natural that the baby should be reciprocating the love of her mum just like she does, isn’t it? But what’s strange that most of the little ones are more attracted towards daddys than to mommies. I think most of you would have experienced that a mum does everything she could to keep the baby clean and filled but the instance the baby catches a glimpse of their dads, they seem to be alien creatures on their father’s arms not recognising Mumma at all. My experience of three kids have left me with the experience that even after slaving in for my children (ofcourse with all my wish and love), they seem to be loving their dads more than they love me.

This instinct increases the moment I see the baby cradled comfortably on their dad’s arms fast asleep within minutes of his humming. While I would have spent a whole day meeting her demands and have failed trying to put her to sleep even with the sweetest lullaby and most interesting bed time stories since an hour. This bias behaviour of the babies is quite relative, that’s what I think. Do comment below if you think the same too or have experienced the same.

But, whatsoever the situation, I think these babies look super cute tucked up within the large frame of their strong dads. I really find the scenes when both the baby and daddy duo sleeps cuddling together snoring slightly as the most heart warming scene in the world. I could spend a lifetime staring at them and watching them sleep contently together.

Although my jealousy towards this partiality towards dads is still there, this mystery needs to be solved, why are babies more attracted towards dads than mom’s irrespective of their genders?

The trendiest desserts in 2018! #GodrejFoodTrends2018 #GFTR2018

Foodies are evolving and so are food trends! Strange hunhh? Never thought even food had a trend too? Or do you assume the latest craze for Italian or Mexican cuisine as a whole idea of food trend? Actually, that’s just the part of it. Food trends is the day to day preferences of foodies about various food items and their increasing demands comprises of a food trend. For instance, the recent healthy bowl options that are getting so much common is a growing food trend, while Indo-continental food that we delightfully have is a great food trend and there are much more. Related to these trends, Vikhroli cucina brings out the food trends report each year that has the best prediction done by food experts on diversed food trends and their possibility of getting more popular hence onwards!

Desserts are BAE!

From that large predictive list is the one dedicated to desserts! As they say so rightly, we indians aren’t just ready to desert our dessert! That sweet taste after our normal meal had become almost like an addiction to us. Although those calories do show us the red light, but dare we stop having those sweet taste buds at any cost?


Such are we! Hence I think the prediction of bite sized desserts taking a huge leap in 2018 is highly possible. We are now hung between our cravings for sweet after each meal and the growing fats threatening our healthy routine. So, the Savior here comes in the form of these bite sized positions. The one which are prepared in smaller positions so as to limit the consumption of the same. Such that in the end, we can say, “we had just little dessert after the meal.” And a little less guilt too!


I also feel presentation counts a lot! We have always heard that hindi dialogue,”jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai!” This is especially going to take quite a big leap in the dessert trends in 2018! Food, especially desserts that would look devastatingly tempting. Why? Because I feel somehow with the growing use of social media, we hardly order something to eat it, rather it’s to post it! A story on instagram or Snapchat is all we are concerned of nowadays. In the hussle of posting them on social media platforms, we often tend to forget to enjoy what’s been presentated such beautifully to us! But, again, some people will especially visit that place to enjoy that dessert because it looked so tempting on another’s Insta story! Hence the assumption comes automatically that the taste would be amazing too. So, I personally think there would be an increase in beautifully and uniquely presented desserts largely in 2018.


Healthy desserts are again something that’s going to reign the 2018 food trends. We just read above how guiltless food is important to health conscious foodies. Well, because of this, they’ll definitely choose deserts which consist of healthy ingredients rather than living them off altogether. Just recently, I have tasted innumerable desserts that used honey or brown sugar instead of white sugar, chia seeds being the prominent ingredient in many of the desserts, bananas and berries being included in many desserts and cakes. And not to forget the latest trends having cakes being made up of whole wheat and multi grain flour. Thus, I think even healthy options in desserts are going to dominate over the dessert trend in 2018.


Even indian fusion desserts seem to be a highest possiblilty this year. Did you ever before hear of pani puri or paan or motichoor laddoo flavoured icecream? Well, this is what’s reigning the ice cream world right now. The Indian fusion desserts are getting loved across the nation. People are actually enjoying a rasogulla pastrie. They are loving the idea of having their jalebies being made in Mexican style! Well, that’s another food trend that’ll definitely be seen quite a much in this year.

There may be more trends that are going to get a role in the Godrej Food Trends Report 2018, but these factors are going to effect our food choices and preferences a lot! But whatever the teendlist displays, one thing’s for sure, though we may not the have the habit of having our gargling session after meals, we just cannot quit or sweet toothing session after those meal times!

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5 Healthy and Tasty Breakfast Recipes.

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The perfect start of a day calls for a perfect breakfast! Hence, it’s extremely important to have a healthy breakfast whch is rich high nutritional value and what’s more, it should be yummy too.

Lets read below some easy and simple recipes of healthy meals that are good to taste too! You can try them as your healthy breakfast recipes and enjoy them on a daily basis.

Dates, oats and semolina cake

A healthy cake rich in iron, protein and fibre.


Half a cup of seedless soft dates mashed with hands to make them extra soft.

Half cup pieces of nuts

  • A cup of semolina.

  • 1 egg

    • Pinch of baking powder
  • Pinch of
  • Half cup brown sugar.


  • Beat the eggs adding sugar and milk.

  • Add in semolina, dates, baking powder and nuts and mix well

  • Bake at 180 degree Celsius in an oven for thirty minutes.

You can bake it fresh or store it for maximum three days and enjoy in your breakfast with warm milk to have a filling and healthy breakfast.

Healthy yogurt bowl

A healthy breakfast rich in proteins, vitamins, fibre, folate.


  • 1 cup yoghurt

  • Half cup chopped avocados

  • Half cup chopped berries

  • 1 teaspoon almonds( chopped)

  • 2 teaspoon honey


  • In a bowl add in the fruits and chopped almonds

  • Top it with honey

  • Mix it well and chill for fifteen minutes.

Enjoy your mummy and healthy yogurt bowl breakfast with a rekening sweet and sour taste.

Veg curtained eggs

A healthy and filling breakfast meal with lots of proteins, fibres, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium.


  • I cup mixed veggies( carrot, cabbage,capsicum, onion) all cut finely.

  • Half cup finely chopped tomatoes

  • 3 eggs

  • Half cup cottage cheese or feta cheese

  • Olive oil

  • Half teaspoon Chilli sauce

  • Sale to taste

  • Pepper or oregano herbs


  • In a non stick frying pan, add half a teaspoon of olive oil, add all the veggies except tomatoes and saute for a minute.

  • Add salt, tomato and chilli sauce and mix them well.

  • Scatter them all around the frying pan, make sure it’s on low flame.

  • Add in the eggs on separate sides of the frying pan on the veggies.

  • Directly shred the cheese on top of the eggs on all the sides and cover with a lid.

  • Let it remain on low flame for 7-8 minutes and serve hot after sprinkling some oregano or pepper on it.

Enjoy a yummy and healthy egg breakfast either along with a brown toast bread or have it directly with a fork.

Banana and oats pudding.

A delicious and rich breakfast option containing of carbohydrates, fibre and calcium.


  • 2 bananas

  • Half cup oats

  • 2 cups milk

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Bring the milk to a boil.

  • Add in the oats and cook for five minutes.

  • Switch off the flame and stir the mixture to let the heat go off.

  • Mash the bananas and add it to the oats and milk mixture along with the honey.

  • Cool it for half an hour and enjoy a yummy and healthy treat for your breakfast.

Whole wheat berry pancakes

The rich in fibre, carbohydrates and vitamins breakfast that’ll keep you full for longer.


  • 1 cup Whole wheat flour

  • Half cup milk

  • 2 tablespoon brown sugar

  • 1 egg

  • A cup of berries

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Mix all the ingredients together and beat till it’s a soft paste

  • Take a non-stick frying pan and pour a tablespoon of batter on it, spread evenly to form a circle, turn after a few seconds and remove when it’s golden in colour.

  • Crush the berries with a whisker, add gradually honey and pour on the finished pancakes.

    Do try out these real time amazing and nutritious breakfast meals and leave a comment below if you loved it!!