Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

21st century and the rapidly progressing society! The most versatile generation in the human history. The generation that have acquired almost everything in the least amount of time and is striving more on this field. The generation that follows trend religiously well even when it’s for a short period of time and still changing with the times and trends accordingly. In this century, where nothing … Continue reading Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

The vitamin E full salad- A daily dose of vitamin E!

A mother, a wife, a blogger and more over these, a woman! My life needs to be a clock! Yup, just like a clock, I need to be working non stop, without stopping, round the day and all at a perfect time! If I stop, or get slower, my world around does. And, I just don’t want my world to be slower, my loved ones … Continue reading The vitamin E full salad- A daily dose of vitamin E!

Su-Kam_Solar Installation at Agra

Here’s a truly inspiring story about handful of students who made it BIG! I went to Agra, of course, to see the Taj Mahal but then I came across something absolutely astounding. Agra-based St. Peters School recently took initiative of uninterrupted electricity in the school premises. Since this school was constructed, it faced the problem of electricity supply in the school. Frequent power cuts had … Continue reading Su-Kam_Solar Installation at Agra

Smart living through IoT!

We breath in the 21st century and here, IoT is the way of life! IoT, Internet Of Things, being defined as the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It’s a modern day technology or even a hand forward than the term bringing your varied aspects of life together in a device. A convenient … Continue reading Smart living through IoT!

Clean and pollution free homes maintained easily!

As a parent I am usually so much worried about protecting my child from all odds! I try to make everything around them safe and sound so that they don’t get affected to anything harmful both physically and mentally. It’s a relative feeling to all parents too. We always tend to make sure our kids eat healthy, stay sanitised and stay in a clean surrounding, … Continue reading Clean and pollution free homes maintained easily!