5 Types of Shoes for Girls that are Trending Right Now

Shoes are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. And finding the right pair of footwear is really important to keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time. There are many options to choose from; here are the top five types of trending shoes that a girl must have in her wardrobe.

  1. Sandals
  2. Sneakers
  3. Ballerinas
  4. Slip-on
  5. Wedges or platforms

These are in no particular order but are sure to be worn on one event or occasion or the other and always remain in trend. So, get ready to match your outfits and flaunt some style in these comfortable footwear options. 

1.  Sandals Girl’s shoes are of different kinds for different purposes. Sandals are open footwear. Sandals are usually used for casual wear while going for an evening walk, or to the market, or for any close travel to nearby places. This kind of footwear is excellent when you have to stand for a long time. They are airy, and you can wear them in any season, and it is very much in trend now. You can wear sandals for all kinds of casual outfits.


2. Sneakers – Sneakers are must-needed footwear in today’s modern-day girls’ wardrobe. The best way to wear your favorite jeans or trousers is to team up them with trendy-looking sneakers. Sneakers are not just for young teenagers but also for the elderly and those who are in the mid-age range since these are comfortable to walk in and give support to the feet and ankle.

3. Ballerinas –  If you are looking for stylish shoes that are comfortable to wear, then ballerinas are a perfect choice of footwear. Ballerinas are a must-have as they can be paired with an enormous number of outfits like frocks, dungarees, and so on. Some ballerinas also have a middle strap for extra support. Ballerinas come in matte and glossy textures. 

4. Slip ons – Slip-ons are most needed to protect your feet from dust and grime at home, in the garden, or on short trips. Every girl should have a pair of slip ons as they are easy to wear and it has a versatile use as it can be worn at home, to the gym, and for a morning or evening walk. 

5. Wedges or platforms –  Wedges or platforms are girl’s shoes with a broad heel base with high front soles. These types of shoes lend a good height. Depending upon the clothes and your comfort level, choose among these shoes. These types of footwear are in trend now and have been in trend for so long that they will never be outdated, as most girls prefer such shoes for comfort. Wearing heels might have some effect on your ankles and it is also proven that wearing heels for a longer duration can cause discomfort in your ankles. This is why most girls or women prefer wearing wedges or pumps for their comfort, as their heels are also broader, which will help you to balance easily.

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