Book review- Bhumi by Tina Siquira

About the book

This book celebrates womanhood in the most natural yet exceptional way! The range of short stories with different and unique personalities of females leaving a message at the end of each story, is really something that grips you throughout. Each story is entirely unique to others and is portrayed in the most beautiful manner. With each story, your curiosity to unveil the next one increases, hence you don’t even get a moment of a dull read as you go on reading.

My take on the book

I really liked reading through these stories and was impressed by the way the authors creativity took her to so much depths in bringing together these stories. The amount of creativity and thoughtfulness that went curating these is impressive. The endings are very well planned and the way she keeps the stories incomplete yet letting us know what the end will definitely be is amazing.

My favourite part in the book

I just loved the chapter dried leaves a lot. The message you get through it that not every arranged marriage is a dull one and a relationship is not always a hot and happening time spent with each other saying love you to each other thousand times.

Apart from this, the first story Amma, beautifully played by a father, the story of Saira bringing up herself after a broken marriage and two kids is great too.

The naked illusion is another story that gripped me well till the end and left me with an entirely new vision of a part of society, that we so much judge the wrong way otherwise. I must say, this is one story that you should read first when you start the book.

All the others are equally amazing and would open up your vision to society even more.

About the author

Tina Sequeira is an award winning author and blogger. She’s sure Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is her alter ego – ever curious and in quest for the truth. Tina loves words and mingling with people who she believes are living books.

Download the ebook by following the link here.

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