The vitamin E full salad- A daily dose of vitamin E!

A mother, a wife, a blogger and more over these, a woman! My life needs to be a clock! Yup, just like a clock, I need to be working non stop, without stopping, round the day and all at a perfect time! If I stop, or get slower, my world around does. And, I just don’t want my world to be slower, my loved ones to lack behind in any field in life.

But, some days behind the line, I did. I went slower than usual, taking more breaks than I ever did, feeling more tired than I should be, and loosing that perfect glow I always had on my face. I just couldn’t make out what was that thing missing that mad the super woman in me feel older than my age!

What’s that I x factor that I seem to have caught, which made me so weak, the question had some endless answeres. May be a flu, or a mosquito bite? Oh! It nay just be another effect of the growing pollution in the city! But, whatever it was that I have caught, needs to be got rid off, because my whole cycle of life seemed to have slowed down recently, my whole family went dull and weak with me.

A quite chat with my friend doctor got me the solution. It was not something that I caught, rather, it was something that I need to catch up with! Yeah, it was the deficiency of vitamin E in my body, that made me feel sick and tired even when I wasn’t ill.

It is an important member of the vitamin community which is crucial for our health. It travels through the body neutralising free radicals which would otherwise damage fat-containing structures like cell membranes and brain cells. It also helps prevent oxidative stress. Other than facilitating healthy muscles, it benefits our skin, hair, eyesight and immunity

Apart from these, vitamin E beneficial in slowing Alzheimer’s progressions as well as treating conditions like cataract, asthma, skin issues, ageing, respiratory infections and so on due to its significant anti-inflammatory properties. The nutrient is extremely beneficial for women as it helps combat menstrual cramps. It is also found to improve fertility in men. And mostly the person suffering from the vitamin E deficiency, couldn’t even make out that they are Not possessing something vital in their system! Just like I never guessed.

Well, after that day, my friend suggested me the list of food items which are the source of vitamin E and advices me to include those in my meal plans,do that not only me, even my family can get all the health benefits of it.

Certain rich sources of vitamin E are, sunflower seeds, spinach, hazelnuts, avocado, shrimp, peanuts, almond, brocoli, vegetable oil, olive oil and Evion Supplements, which are a rich source of this essential form of vitamin. Know more about #Evion here –

Since the list is quite long, as a home maker, I just wanted all of them to benefit us. Hence, I tried this new recipe, it’s in my daily routine and we never get bored of it, we all love munching these sources of vitamin E in a limited dose daily and get all the benefits we can get from it. I have especially named this dish, The Efull salad! Check the recipe below:

In a huge bowl, add brocolli, avocado, aspagarus spinach ( all finely cut), add in some peanuts, almond, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. Dash a teaspoon of olive oil on it and enjoy the salad with your favorite dressing. (I prefer it just lightly salted).

This Efull salad is a vital member of mine and my family’s diet. Thus, helping us stay a bit more healthier daily. And now, I am just as perfect and active as I should be!

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