My feelings for the best part of me ….

              Motherhood is certainly the most biggest bliss anyone can be blessed with . It’s not  just a get by emotional or physical phase but not all can understand this except the mothers themselves !
Like it’s said a  child gives birth to a mother . It’s true in each sense of word child certainly gave birth to a newer me .. a woman in me I never knew existed before ..a changed considerate and a lady full of love and patience filled up in me !


              Today I want to say something to my kid ….my baby .. my two year old baby that when you grow up .. I want you to have the most unique childhood ! The one spent with bonds of love and honesty and respect around you . I plan to have you educated in the best education and the best school available around me and which I can certainly keep in my budget !


              I would never let you believe that you are born with some mom who has a magic spoon with her .. who can give you anything you want at anytime … but you should know that even if iwant to . I couldn’t give you everything that you ask for.. you will have to learn adjustment , adaptation and patience in life !
I may try my best to help you achieve your dreams .. but it would be better cherished by you if you worked your way out for it !
           I wil certainly tell you one thing that honesty is always better than faking about anything . At the moment faking may be your charismatic friend but will soon become your worst foe in time . But if you clasp honesty with a tight grip .. it would always remain on your side come what may be !
         You will always be my dream … the one which I dreamt but had never the chance to turn it in to reality .. I want these all to cone true with you with you being happy the utmost goal !


I would always try to teach you to be prepared and strong for the worst slaps of times and expect the best welcome from future in building your tomorrow !
And these all wrapped with lots of prayers and love and compassion from a woman who was never so perfect and full without you !
I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda”

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