It’s All about Blogging Vlogging with Blogmint !

       Blogging is my passion ! They say when you are just too crazy for a particular thing , everything else tries to make your craze your achievement by any ways it can be !
       Same happened with me ! Five months ago , I just started blogging , got a new way to flaunt my talent of creativity and playing the words game in excellence . Everything was so confused and so alien . But , one after other this bloggging world opened up in front of me and enfolded me with its fabulousness !
          Then once , while browsing through twitter , I saw this ad about blogmint . It said it will give my blogging career a new direction ! Well , I wanted to avoid that , but something like , why not try ? Came up in my mind and I clicked on the given link .
         One by one the process of registration started .. quite easy I must say . And soon I was offered some campaigns to accept . Well , just like that , I did the same , not giving it a second thought !
          After a week there waited a mail in my inbox about me being given a campaign from blogmint ! Shocked ! I opened up the link and yes , there was a genuine work for me , to show up my blogging skills in a more better way ! The job was challenging . And since , I was doing it the first time I made at least a dozen mistakes and actually submitted my entry twelve times ! But , these people out there were very co operating and helpful and gave in thier best patience level with me .
          My work was encouraged a way like no one else did before . Attentive management at thier side made my journey from a simple blogger to influencer blogging a piece of cake ! My payment reached me at the promised time hassle free ! The analytics in thier site showed me with so many numbers of views on my blog as if applauding my new found success .
          Indeed , it became a platform for me .. a debutante in blogging to open up to the blogging world with more enthusiasm and perfection . And my collaboration with blogmint no doubtly did inhance my skills in blogging to a much better level than  it was .
        After that first campaign , it was for actually .I tried my luck for myntra , #ItsPersonal campaign and the biggest campaign for bloggers , #DreamTeamCarnival too . And now , waiting for many more such fun and exciting campaigns . Truly , blogmint does provide a best platform for all us blogging crazy people .
        Do join them soon for great opportunities and a closer to look to success and being known . Because they understand the feel and craze of bloggers like no one else , that’s why they rightly say always …

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