Get awesomeness – #GetAirtel4G!!

Golden chances are few and lucky are the ones who grab them immediately! Yes ,very few are the lucky one who actually do benefit when a golden chance of good luck comes knocking thier doors .
Airtel4G is giving you such a golden chance to grab the amazing offer going on on it’s much talked fastest network ever ,airtel4G. The most talked and tweeted buzz around India since days are offering icing on cake type of offers for its luckiest customers. With the best of all internet network that works as fast as a passing breeze, they are giving you an airtel delivery service that gives an airtel user a 4G SIM delivered  on his doorstep for free! Yup , you heard it right ! The moment  you tweet #GetAirtel4G from your twitter account ,you immediately  get a reply back from the official twitter account of @airtelindia which gives you in turn the link with the easy guidelines for the amazing airtel4G  SIM delivery.


So guys , if you want to experience  the fastest 4G network  today and the much used and enjoyed too not to forget that , you just have to tweet with #GetAirtel4G and who knows you may be the lucky one enjoying the best 4G network  available in just a shortest span of 4 hours .
Whoaaaa!! You just can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity .So come on people, grab your mobiles and pcs ,login your twitter account and get awesomeness delivered at your doorstep within a quarter day and then you can browse on your favourite  sites all day long and work more with more efficency . Chat from your online sites and never miss a single upload of your friends .You can watch u tube videos without any buffering and download movies and songs of your choice without any pauses or hinderence on your entertainment .


Wondering why I am writing all these and know so much ? Well ,I am one of the luckiest one who got a return tweet from @airtelindia within  seconds of my first tweet (you can check it here  Take a look at @airtelindia’s Tweet: ) and guess what ,the brand new Airtel4G SIM enters my home with in 4 hours and believe my word , it works like wonder , as fast as my imagination runs while I am blogging ! Lol ,may be my thoughts are slower than it too .
So , jump on guys and tweet for a free 4G SIM from airtel. Get awesomeness , #GetAirtel4G!!

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