Celebrating life by celebrate blogging! !

           A significantly happy day or event enjoyed in public presence or privately is the elaborated meaning of the word ,


! The times or occasions on which we are so glad that we eagerly and enthusiastically share our happiness with others or ourselves for that matter and cherish those moments in the best possible way we can .


      We celebrate innumerable moments of our lives and others too . But those are marked with something special. Sometimes it’s the date that’s special while sometimes some achievement or people around us .Basically ,we like to beautify major part of our lives with celebrations.
       But crazy people like myself ,we celebrate our this prominent hobby , blogging !My hobby of reading lead me to a broader path for opening up the unexplored world of creativity which finally rested upon blogging.  Yes , I celebrate my this hobby of pouring my thoughts in the most creative way I can almost everyday .
        It all started ,when I first started writing a blog .Not knowing much about this world ,the first praises that came along after my blog ,made me celebrate my debutness. 
         Then I started  writing in sheer joy of getting more those praises . I was celebrating compliments on my blogging then . It all led to my creativity being acknowledged and myself getting immense encouragement on writing much more and better such blogs .Those were the moments I celebrated my being puplicized ,celebration of being famous.  And believe me ,the feeling was of incredible pride and happiness.
           When I look back now , I know my struggling journey is over now . Now ,  an established blogger , I celebrate with my each new experience of life . My each new vision and view is celebrated with those words of praises mixed with the sauces of vocabularies and salads of phrases ! My blogs are my celebrations of each moment of my life that I think is worthy enough to be shared and cherished .
          When these blogs get some views , I celebrate with my smiles and pride feelings . When these blogs bring me more likes as medals , I celebrate with a new determination building in me . When these blogs get acknowledged socially and people across the globe achieve some thing good out of it , I celebrate with a blooming heart .


       In all , I celebrate my each blog with some new blogs and thus , the celebration continues . I never grow out of these celebrations because these light my life the brightest as those stars in the dark sky and makes me cherish those time spent which would never repeat itself , but would be in my mind and heart with these blogs . After all ,celebration is making those moments eternal,and what better than blogging is way for it !
       Hence, I proudly say , I celebrate my life daily , I celebrate blogging !!
I am writing for #WIN15 – BlogAdda’s Blog Awards on how to#CelebrateBlogging! You should too!

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