Save Payal And Fight Against Dengue With All Out

Dengue is a hazardous threat to human health the world is facing nowadays. Research estimates that there are over 50-500 million cases of dengue worldwide each year and over 3 billion people are living in dengue endemic countries in which Asia is one of the leading continent having the maximum number of dengue prone cases. India alone faces a major number of dengue patients and even deaths because 92%of Indians are still unaware of its hazards. So, let’s first get introduced to what is dengue?


Dengue is a severe disease caused by the biting of the female Aedes Aegypt mosquito which is a day time biter seen both indoors and outdoors and is most active after sunrise and before sunset.


The symptoms of dengue are mostly clear with a severe fever for 3-7 days, intense headache and pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, skin rashes and bleeding usually from nose and eyes and this all mostly have a sudden onset.


As this disease does not have specific antiviral treatment available and no approved vaccine, it’s better to take specific precautions to avoid it.●clean up standing water as this mosquito mostly resides in stagnant water bodies.
●plug a liquid mosquito repellent or use a coil during the highly prone time of mosquito’s occurrence.
●make sure your surroundings are clean and proper sanity is maintained.
●use mosquito aerosol when mosquitoes are present.
●apply mosquito repellent lotion whenever necessary.
All Out, a well known name in mosquito repellent products brings about a great initiative to create awareness about dengue and helping prevent the disease with this programme – #SavePayal, with Payal being any child who lives in those dengue endemic areas. She is the one who is prone to being a dengue victim. It’s about how we all Indians can unite and help her tackle this situation and even donate blood for the same. Hundreds of Payals today may need our help to tackle this dangerous disease and take a step towards life. We all must pledge to donate blood and hence save a life. You just have to come forward to save a life by donating blood, just SMS IFD-space-NAME-space-BLOOD GROUP-space-PINCODE to 53030. #SavePayal or Pledge your support to help #SavePayal Call 1800180181818 (toll-free) or click on the microsite    You can watch more about it in this TVC  here ,
A quick look if you want to know more about the effective products by All Out ,
●liquid electrics which provide hours of protection against the mosquitoes and adjusts the intensity on the number of mosquitoes present.


● coils which protect your family from these mosquito in the absence of electricity.


●aerosols that kills the mosquitoes without that harsh smell of traditional insecticides.


●mosquito repellents which keeps mosquitoes at a bay when you are outdoors for up to 6 hours .


Now knowing all this, fighting dengue is easier with the help of these precautions and All Out.
Also, let’s educate more people about this great initiative by All Out and #SavePayal.
Let’s all join this noble initiative and fight the dangerous fear of dengue together which is causing so much harm to the society.

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