Fashion – Floor Touching Dresses Touching the Sky !!

    They say the world is round ,so, what goes around ,comes round !The same goes with fashion .It keeps on revolving and bringing about the past styles with a twist of modernity along with it each time it reestablishes itself .The colonial fashion of flaunting your gowns and dresses in an exotic style by wearing them an inch or two more than your height famously known as the “floor touch ” is back again !
           The elegant style can be paired with some ethnic ideas and thus result in a spectacular party wear for you to flaunt .


          Make sure you just don’t jazz up more on the base side that’ll simply make carrying it a more difficult than it already is .


    A simple plain flare at the base side looks exotic when the fabric used is soft and free flowing like chiffon or net .
  If you are Chosing a floor touch for rich party wear , net fabric on the base is more preferable for those work patterns you want it to be emborsed with !


       Or you can just play with your colours to create an exotic combination contrasting colours and giving it a rich look just because of those unique coloured touch .


       That was all for ethnic touches or Indian or Asian styles .It doesn’t mean if you prefer Western styles ,you can’t take advantage of this amazing style . Remember this style has taken birth from those English ball gowns that were all gathered from the mid waist and flaring out till they touched the floor and gave the ladies then a fairy look !
    You can simply make a floor touching long dress for casuals or semi casuals with a narrow waist .


  Or get it a mermaid shape from your waistline downwards .


     You can even create an exotic formal party dress with some beautiful hand or machine work carved to exellence on it.


     Or just a plain free flowing fabric that’ll automatically give it the charm of a perfect floor touch dress with its simplicity!


    With this style on rocks nowadays I am sure you could come out with more such alluring ways to glamorise this already impressive style of floor touching dresses .While you do so , don’t forget to update those in the below comment boxes and just steam a pic or selfie and share your charm with us !

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