Smartphones updating the youths !!

         Oh crappp !!A single college project needs a detailed research from dozens of elephant sized books .Getting all those bright and nice pictures for those means spending 50 Rs in the cyber cafe or buttering up dad to get it down from the office printers .Movies ,well if I want to watch my favourite one ,I will have to wait for my whole family to get over with thier Saas bahu sagas or elaborated news !And writing all those long letters to aunts and uncles is such a boring task !!


       Astonished ?you are surely thinking I have travelled a decade in the past to complaint about these little things .But believe me ,these tasks were not a child’s play. It’s the time just ten years prior to the invention of smartphones I am talking about .These above tasks needed lots of efforts and attention .A whole lot of physical effort and even buttering was required to get those simple tasks completed.
       Today’s youth seem to be blessed .They really don’t have to sneek from places to places to get thier work done .A whole lot of apps do that for you .With even Google sheets and Microsoft Word getting all installed in your handy smartphones , you needn’t wait for those times to get your hands on the laptops and desktops .Informations and datas are being transformed within a fraction of seconds through screenshots or direct clicks and passed on through social medias with even more than social media platform at a time .That’s a drastic change from sending letters and documents be it formal or informal .In this way the generation today also contributes a lot in the terms of environmental benefits by using e bills and other e documents , hence saving paper or trees .

         That was work , pleasure has gain a lot of momentum too through the evolvement of smartphones in the phase of time .Remember those times ,when you always used to carry a camera for clicking pics and that whole lot of curses you used to pass out when you forgot one at an important event or outing ?Hasn’t that been vanished by those inbuilt cameras in your smartphones. ?By having those multipixceled clarified front and rear cameras you can just go click ,click and click your joyful moments and create a memory to cherish later on .Not to forget those extra money you save from buying those batteries for your old cameras .Another bliss which the youth today enjoys is even when there’s no one to click thier cute little pic, they can themselves click selfies and how !! I don’t think there’s a place left in the world fron where there isn’t a selfie clicked !From loos to gala events ,from mount tops to under water areas ,you name it ,because of the beautifying mode in those cameras ,even the most dull skinned person can click selfies that woo any body’s heart !


Even our personal entertainment have pacified a lot after the evolving of smartphones. Before ,it was a whole family watching an exiting cricket match or a Hum sath sath hai type of traditional movie together .Now ,it’s the time to go solo! With 4G being a remarkable key in each of the smartphone and hence a Superfast speed of atleast 1gigabyte per second ,our smartphones can be easily and pretty perfectly transformed in to home theatres which let us watch anything without any interruption. Even if you are not a movie person , those enticing games on your Android phones will never let you dedicate a moment of your life to boredom .From subway surfers to clash of clans to immortals there are apps with each unique game in a more unique phase all ready to be installed and used in your smartphone.
      OK ! So there are youths today who are not even tempted by games .so , for those goody two shoes like people , there are these apps which have a whole novel in it. Whoaaaa !!That’s incredible isn’t it .There are fictions ranging from sexy , spicy Sydney sheldon to those sweet valley highs romances and non fiction from autobiography of a leader to religious books .With just a click and opening up , they can spend quality time reading thier favourite matter too .
       That’s not all .Today , we have the advantage of calling from an eastern part of the world to the western part without any charge and any distruction because of Superfast 4G networks an innumerable voice and video calling apps. The world has indeed become a shorter place to live in somehow !

      These are some and there are double of them more previliges today’s generation are blessed all because of these amazing technology all gift wrapped in a single smart and sleek piece known as the smartphones .Larger amount of work can be completed within shorter span of time due to multitasking in the same gadget within same apps. Such miracle is possible all because of the octa core processors today .Not that quad core did anything less ,but being four times more powerful and updated form ,these octa core processors have actually even dropped the usage of power banks which were recently been introduced and were racing ahead to help those smartphone users cope with the low battery warnings. This processor even helps in more effecient and faster multi tasking and swift performance of these phones .
        Being a youth of today , and enjoying all these previliges on the best way because of my bestie , my company for all places and my perfect partner , my smartphone, I am proud to be in the trending list  #TEchnocrats! After all an updated smartphone is an updated you !!

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    Awesome One Saba 🙂

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