Some kasams for strong bond!!

Each relationship starts with a promise ,then it proceeds further with some more promises ,later it gets  accelerated with further more promises !Promises ,promises and promises !!That’s what relationships are all about .Some swear to stay with you till their last breath ,some of them are eager to give up everything just for your tiny sweet smile .The list is endless.

Whatever these promises may be , they serve as a bonding factor in each relationship .They do glorify the feeling of togetherness that you and your partner share .Fulfilling these is not always a mandate ,but just knowing that someone can go to such extent just to make you happy is more than satisfying .

Nowadays ,with Ranveer ‘s new add and his incredible kasams, I just gave a thought about what I would like my partner to promise me about .what kind of kasams would I like my partner to take just to impress me.some kasama to add some spice in our love life would be just great.I just thought of some of these promises as for now
I would like him to promise that he would always be at my doorstep on time when he promises me to be there within five minutes! And not to complain when I am just a little late than ten minutes in getting ready .
Further it would be great if would accompany me to shopping each weekend and not bother about the increasing bags or credits for that matter .

His support in sharing house chores equally with myself would be just perfect to seal this women day with some awesome promises that are bound to impress me a lot .sharing responsibilities can be a great thing to enhance your love for each other .

These are some ,but if it’s accompanied with promises of complimenting me on my each new look and bearing up with my not so perfect cooking and replying me as soon as I ping him ,this would intensify the beauty of my celebrations this womens day .
I know these kasams are a bit difficult ,but even if my partner tries to fulfill them would be enough to make me glad . Let see now, when he listens about this and is ready to take in dome promises to strengthen the bond of our lovely life together .

Please include the line, “I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

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