A Happy Planet For The Coming Years

Nature’s our best friend! The one that never turns an eye when we need it the most. From providing sufficient water to giving land for food stuffs and shelter, from those ready to eat fruits from trees, to fresh breathing oxygen. Nature has always been so selflessly generous to us.

Man, being the so mean of all the species of earth, we are rude towards this nature that when these trees so eagerly grant us the fruits and nuts, we happily cut them to pieces for our not so necessary use. When the rivers and oceans and the sea so sweetly provide us the basic need of our living, we carelessly waste them and change them to gutters with our dumps.
That’s what’s threatening the world in the coming days, when soon these resources will be extinct and our kids will have nothing or so little left from these resources. If we do not stop the mistreating of these resources, we will soon see a world with little or no water, land with ample of buildings, but no trees, hence no fresh oxygen to breath in.

Yes, these consequences are pretty dangerous but can be avoided by simple measures. A wise use of water like cutting off much use of shower to using bucket instead, maintenance of cleanliness in our premises including the lakes and rivers around can make our water resources live longer for our future generations.
Similarly, if more of e-newspapers, e-bills etc. Would be encouraged, the cutting of trees would automatically reduce.

Wise usage of natural fuels and convinient and economic friendly use of transport vehicles and opting for cycling, car pooling and walking would help a lot in clearing the air pollution in the environment.

These simple steps along with a little special one of each one adopting a tree daily, means each of us planting a sapling daily, would in turn lead to thousands of trees for coming years and a beautiful green world around us.
It’s a humble request to all elders and youngsters of this mother earth to follow these and some more simple steps to save our environment that’s in a danger of being extinct, and leave behind a happy, safe and smiling earth for our future generations.So, lets save our environment from further harm and protect it against all odds so that our earth, is a smiling earth!

I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for theShortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.

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