India’s Most Loved CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of any company is said to be the virtual head of the firm after the boss. One man who balances the company’s strategies between being a superficial head and an obedient sincere employee.

Now, the question arises, are CEOs to be loved by his junior colleagues? Most probably I get that irritated wink that now appeared on your face while you read this line. But recently, I heard some buzz around CEO being the most venerated person of an office.

Yeah, it’s true! Click here to believe it! Well, let’s guess what makes the CEO such an honorable person? Why, out of a blue moon suddenly are all going ga-ga after this person? And what lead to all this care and support?

I personally think, he would have helped all the employees get a double bonus from the boss during Christmas time. Or maybe, he would be just too handsome for any girl to not love him! Perhaps, but these factors wouldn’t certainly make all the guys falling for him too! Then what?

I am really intrigued to find out what is the special X factor in this CEO that calls for so much craze for him! Let’s assume, if my CEO would have been nominated for the best one, (which I think he wouldn’t be ever) he would have been a true gentleman who never would raise a voice on any of the employees. That kindness would have been the premium factor to get him the position of the most loved CEO.

Now, that’s my idea of a wonderful CEO. Let’s hear for your idea of an ideal CEO on this link. And guess what? Apart from giving you a pleasure for some minutes, this click of yours can get you winning some cool flipkart vouchers and a Moto G too! Incredible, but it’s happening!

As the excitement takes a roller coaster ride with this unique contest about #IndiasMostLovedCEO, you can stay tuned to know who is that CEO who’s coming soon and what brings about that level of awesomeness in him! What makes him the hot favorite of all Indians.Well, I am thrilled to know more about him, aren’t you too?

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