Loving to wait for the CEO!

Loving the CEO or rather thinking about liking them like crazy is the trending topic nowadays. Don’t know why, but all of a sudden everyone nowadays are busy creating towers of praises for the most loved CEO.

This is making me curious more day after day as to who is this one VIP CEO who is getting showered by love in abundance from all the corners of India. May be, Mr. Amitabh Bacchan is turning in to a CEO, the explains why each and everyone is going head over heels about this CEO!

 Or else, is our master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, after retirement from cricket is thinking of being a CEO.

Well, let me guess, is it the handsome hunk of bollywood, Siddharth Malhotra going to kill his ladies fans flaunting his epic style in that formal blazers. Oops! I would certainly wish my this one guess comes true.

How I wish that this CEO be the most handsome, kind and considerate of his employees so that we can continue to love and get exited to meet him more.I really want my CEO to be this most loved CEO and have all those impressive qualities that we desire for our CEO.

With the buzz increasing more around of this most anticipated CEO, my friends and everyone everybody I know are busy guessing some top notch qualities and prospective options as to who is going to be this spectacular #IndiasMostLovedCEO.

If you are having those ideas building in your curious minds too, do send in your entries and guesses on this website and get a chance to win loads of flipkart vouchers and the grand prize being a Moto G! I know, it’s exiting and rewarding, so why wait more?

Apart from waiting eagerly for the most loved CEO, let’s get our entries rolling about and you never know, you may end up winning big! As for now, let me indulge more in guessing who can be this soon to be famous CEO? Who knows, he may be sitting just next to me right now!!

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