Glowing skin isn’t far away!

With growing pollution and increasing stress level, not to forget the immense addiction to mobiles often during late nights are the prominent reasons for the skin to go dull. The image we view on our mirrors smiling us back are so dull and without any spark and glow. Let’s get to learn some easy ways and less time consuming ones that can actually bring our glow back to our faces. 

Let’s get knowing this five easiest ways t get our glow back:

  1. Drink atleast 6 litres of water oer day. Water us a very, very important factor that’s importance for any of our health problems. Sinice, 70% of our body consist of water, we need to continue the intake equally more so that the loss of the water through perspiration and urination is recovered.
  2. Papaya/banana is a very good skin cleaner. Just a gentle massage of any one of these on your skin for five minutes daily at any time, exfoliates your skin perfectly well.
  3. Include 1 fruit or vegetable mostly green veggies in your atleast one meal. This will provide the nutrients those are often missed because of our haphazard diets.
  4. Use a little rose water in on your fingers or better on a cotton to spread through your face before you fall asleep. This will cool down your skin cells and help it relax while you rest.
  5. Use a light or herbal or fruit face wash for your skin. With the chemicals that skin bears the whole day due to pollution, hwavy or hard face washes can actually destroy or harden your skin further. 

    With these steps I am sure you’ll soon feel a natural glow returning to your skin that was once a part of it in your teens.

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