Restaurant Review-Samrat

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Good vegetarian food can be a little bit difficult to get contented with if you are a hardcore non vegetarian.only selected restaurants can satisfy your need for a good vegetarian treat.Hence,i am very selected about which outlet i chose to have those.
Samrat restaurant at CST,Mumbai is one of them.they serve really delicious north Indian,south Indian and other pure veg.dishes.

Their paneer tikkas are just too good. Finger-licking must say.

while, i also gave their paneer makhani a try,It was the same. Rich gravy cooked perfectly well. The parathas that went with it were perfect too.

even their dal fry and jeeera rice were up to the mark.

Give this awesome restaurant a try if you really want to taste scrumptious delectable veggie treat.
Cost:1000 for a couple.

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