Give wings to your passion

Life’s not always what we want it to be! But surely atleast we can tweak it a bit to match out standards and demands. Not always your dreams are fulfilled and your passions achieved, circumstances often force you to chose otherwise.

Like they always say,  make your passion your career, youll never regret a second working! I always tried to chose my career keeping in mind this quote. But  well, destiny had some better plans for me. Not that I despaired facing having to chose the exact opposite, but getting your dreams fulfilled had another spiritual taste that you never get otherwise.

Age is just a number and situations a milestone when you really want to achieve something. So, never let those age bars hinder your paths to learning those things you had once wished for. Left alone situations,  see to it that you cross them repeatedly until you cross over them proudly.

Believe me, life becomes a pleasant journey when you follow your dreams amidst your present situation in which you are, not bothering what others would think about your age and looks. I have tried it, am enjoying my independent accomplishment and aspire to move more forward in this journey of following my passions and leaving life the better way!

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