Luxury Stay at Kashmir 

Luxury stay is pure bliss! And it turns more blissful, till the epitome of heavenly experience when that luxury stay is at the most beautiful place on the earth. Kashmir has already been tagged in tagged as the paradise on earth.The pure, serenic beauty with nature’s some most astounding creations and beauty spots lying here, it’s every persons dream to visit here at once. And when you get a chance to visit this heaven, a stupendous experience at the most luxurious and unique hotel out here adds cream toppings to your holiday in this beautiful destination. And when I say a unique experience, I mean one really distinct type of stay amongst the beautiful serenic nature that’ll surely captivate you. The type of stay that I experienced at Sonmarg, around 90km away from srinagar, kashmir was just too amazing to be described in words. No wonder, our Bajrangi Bhaijan star cast team chose this place to glorify their stay while the movie shoot at Kashmir. Standing amidst the huge ice clad mountains, where greenery plays hide and seek with snow, where sun shines a little hesitantly and lakes flow with unknown energetic level, Ahsan Mount Resort, is the best luxury stay to be found at Kashmir.

Entry Area.

A row of beautiful tents standing in the same line, equipped with all the eminities you need for a perfect stay. The comfort of that hot water bed with electronic heater, the huge LED screen, in tent refrigerator and coffee maker with in your tent, the ambience created by the best furnishings and a fully equipped wash room along certainly makes it a luxury home away from home.

Luxurious Tents

Beautiful area in the resort

I really loved the bonfire out side the tents with comfortable seatings and one of the best views and sounds of river flowing just few feets away from you.

Bonfire at night
Night view captured

Now what remains is the food! You just can’t prove a hotel stay a luxurious one when the food served is not up to the mark. The delicious food they offer with pure kashmiri taste is my favorite. Other cuisines like chinese, mughlai etc. are also delectable. All these along with the most hospitable staff dressed all in kashmiri attires make your stay more comfortable and easy going. Summed up all, Ahsan Mount Resort ,according to me can be described as the best luxury stay experienced till date within most beautiful surroundings and most amazing ambience!

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