Spend your vacations the best way with kids at home!

Vacations are finally here, so are the increasing demands of summer camps! But, the time spent in pick and drop of the kids, the high budgets going in for the fees and the issue of the places being far away from your place makes it difficult for some parents to get their kids admitted to summer camps. Here are some of the ways through which you can get your kids engaged in the multiple activities which are creative, can be fruitful in their syllabus and also is quite pocket friendly too.

Organising a vacation

To organise a proper summer camp type of activities for your kids at home, make sure you prepare and follow a proper schedule. Keep them engaged through that schedule for weekdays and let weekends be free for outings and mixing up with relatives.

First of all, devide the two months vacation in to eight parts. Now, check below how you can schedule each week for a different activity for your kids. But remember, don’t extend the limit of the activity for more than five days as children get work out by following a same schedule for a longer time.

Colour the hues!

The best and most attractive things for children of any age is colours! They all love to paint the world around them in the most colourful way they can. Even if your kids are not so good in drawings, let them be a part of this activity to bring out the child in them, let colours decorate their lives even through the drawings and paintings be a little untidy. Buy some plane sketch books for them, some books with images drawn so that kids can colour those images when they are not in the mood to draw, a pencil and eraser set, paint colours and crayons. Give them a theme to draw and paint of three topics maximum for each day. If you have neighbours and cousins of kids around, let them join in. Obviously, we all know that the more the people join in, the merrier is the experience. Each day, when they finish the drawings, give them some marks of their work, let there be scope of much improvement and shower your advices and comments on the same.

Calligraphy talent

After the painting and colours to fill in their minds in the first week, keep the second week a little more subtle. Get them an ink pen, a good calligraphy book and let them try out a new talent in writing. Let them compete a certain pattern in a single day. This will not only improve their writing skills, but also teach them how to beautify their regular notes.

Mimicking sculptures with clay

With the varied choices of clay dough available in the markets, it’s become easier for kids to spend their times in moulding figures or anything of their choice. Daily give them a theme to create with their moulded clays and later when they finish provide them with certain ideas that could have made the work more awesome. This would make them try to be a more creative the next day when they try a new theme. The themes could be anything like making a kitchen with clay, a hospital scene, gathering all the toys from home and giving them a new look with their colourful clay.

Novels and stories

Although I know today’s kids aren’t interested in reading any more, make sure you get them involved in this activity. This is the best way to inculcate the habit of reading in our kids who are so addicted to ipads and mobiles nowadays. Let those books and comics be their friend for five days. You can either give them a thick, fat book like harry potter to complete in those five days or provide them with a new thin, fairy take story book or a comic each day. This would help them get a better reading experience too. But, don’t forget to listen to their summary of the story after their session is over.

Cooking without fire

Getting kids independent is an important of all parents. You can start with the training with your summer classes at home with your kids. Let them prepare the snacks for you and them for these give days and let them get their own ideas and ingredients for the same. Font help them in this case, rather let them father some help and knowledge from their peer group or you tube. They can even invite their friends for a snack session at home if they think they can prepare a decent, yummy snacks with their ingredients. If you have induction or micro wave at your place, this adds to the spice of the activity. Some examples of these items are fruit salad, biscuits toppings, no bake cheese cakes, etc. (If you want them to shop for the snacks from market on their own, give them a budget and money in which they can bring the ingredients too. This will help them manage their spendings in future too.)

Interior decorater for some days

Give them a room, or a corner of the house as a place to show their creative side. Let them arrange their wardrobes in their own way, let them make charts and posters on their own,. Some decorative DIYs at home like pencil holder, lanterns, etc. to give their room a twist of their own creativity. Let them make some huge pics of their favorite cartoons, tell them to stop k on their own room’s walls, on their cupboard doors, bathroom doors, etc. This will give them a fun time viewing their own creative side and tallying what’s more needed in their room.

Group play time

For these give days, let them intermingle with their friends, siblings, cousins or with you and do some group activities. Thus, the purpose of group interaction remains active too. Invite some of their friends at your place and you can also arrange for some gifts for the winners. Some examples for such games are, ENO, LUDDO, musical chair, etc.

Outdoor sports

This is one of the most important activities for everyone, be it kids or adults. We should include a little bit of sports in children’s daily routine with out fail. And fixing some days especially for sports activities is essential too. Fix a game, race and other outdoor activities per day and allot some prize for some great performance done by your kid. Make sure even you are a participant of the activity, this could open the doors of fitness for you too.

And the rest remains the weekends now, as I said above, schedule the same for some fun place to visit on Sundaysand Saturdays can be a visit to relatives. This, would help the kids to freak out and enjoy their vacations staying close to you at home and spend some quality time vacationing. After all, the more the children stay at home close to you, the mother essence of love gets added to your life!

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